Celtics not interested in signing Isaiah Thomas who was recently bought out by the Clippers

There will no Boston reunion for Isaiah Thomas

I mean as much as I hate to say it, this is the right call on Danny's part. Isaiah is a shell of the player he was on the Celtics. He always needed to be a great offensive player to offset his defense, but now he's nowhere near that level. It would just be sad seeing the Celtics struggle with Isaiah on the floor, even if he was fine playing such a tiny role.

Again as rough as this is to say, one of the wisest moves Ainge made was not backing up the brinks truck for Thomas. The only issue was the player they traded for. As Perk said the other day, "Every time I think of that guy I want to throw up." Irving was not the player to waste a Nets pick on. We could have drafted Shai Gilgeous-Alexander with that pick. And worse, imagine if the ping pong balls had landed that pick in the top 3 and the Celtics had traded the chance to draft Luka Doncic for the headache that is Kyrie.

Back to Thomas, I'm not sure what his next step is. I'm not sure if he has a NBA future. I thought he could reinvent himself as an instant offense Lou Williams/Jamal Crawford type off the bench for someone, but I'm not sure anymore if his body can provide the offense anymore to cancel out the defense.

Regardless, Isaiah brought a ton of joy to Celticsd fans in his short time here, so we wish him all the best.