2/1 Green Envy: What Sixers Fans Had To Say

Tonight, the Celtics managed to pull off a big win over their conference rivals the Philadelphia 76ers avoiding being swept by Philly in the regular season. They did this despite the lack of their all-star point guard Kemba Walker and strong back up big Enes Kanter. With such a historic rivalry in place, you know 76ers fans had ALOT to say. Thankfully, most of it was just complaining about how awful their team looked and it's very entertaining. Please, enjoy:

Pregame B.S. 

F * C K B O S T O N U C K B O S T O N

God I want to win this game so f*cking bad.

Bring in the mops guys. This is about to be a season sweep

Kemba is dodging Ben Simmons SMFH

Why do I have to watch this on abc and hear Paul Pierce’s shitty pants takes

Paul Pierce is such a salty b*tch

What’s the over/under for the amount of times I scream “f*ck off Smart” during this game?
I’ll open the betting lines at 6.

Ben Simmons is going to be a perennial 20/10/10 DPOY candidate if he can get his free throw worked out

clinching the series sweep against the celtics would 1000% make up for the disappointment of the hawks game. LETS F*CKIN GO

To Be Honest...There Was Literally No Hope For The Sixers From The Tip-Off


Hubie is so blatantly pro Boston

Blow this team all the way up

Embiid is so good but the rest of us rn except Simmons are so bad

Watching this team has been fun about 4 times since November

Why must this team hurt me this way

This game is literally over lol

I stopped watching cheer for this? Lol

This is a f*cking joke i can't watch anymore

It’s okay I didn’t feel like winning today anyway.

headbands are cutting off circulation to the brain.

Crazy how they get their asses beat and keep playing soft like theyre up 30.

I honestly think all these minutes and recent aggressive play are starting to catch up with Simmons. The man needs some time off.

Where are all the 'Tobi should be an all-star' ppl at??

This team is a first-round exit... humiliating

I know it's the first quarter but they're embarrassing me and I don't appreciate it

See what the Sixers need to do is just put the ball in the hoop and at the same time just stop the Celtics from doing that.
It’s simple, really.

Ben dropping turds against Boston so much I'm starting to worry about hemorrhoids

So...6th seed. Can't do any better. Well, could still fall below Orlando and Brooklyn, but let's not get crazy. 6th. Seed. Sigh.

This is embarrassing

They really hate the Celtics….

Marcus dumb

What’s with Boston’s obsession with Crazy Train?

Celtics easily the ugliest team in the league even with Gordon "above average white guy" Hayward.

I hate everyone in Boston

It's embarrassing making a guy like Jayson Tatum actually look like a superstar

Marcus dumbass

Brad Stevens is such a b*tch

Jayson Tatum isn't even the second best player on his team lmao, how did he make an all star selection

Grant Williams horse face looking ass really just threw himself on the ground without contact and got rewarded with free throws.

That flopping piece of shit smart got what he deserved

Suck a d*ck Smart you f*cking b*tch.

Marcus smart is such a b*tch

Sorry Marcus no children for you

Tatum has improved so much this year. Wish he'd revert back to the long-2 machine

Oh get up Marcus you f*cking weak c*nt

Brown talking shit to our bench as if he's not garbage.


Tatum and his f*cking pube beard is absolutely killing us.

I just love knowing Smart is never gonna win a chip in Boston

Celtics fans are so garbage

I know this stupid but the Celtics court is ugly asf

But they might hate Horford even more….

I will always hate Horford

Horford was sent here to sabotage us.

Imagine choosing horford over redick lol


Horford is a terrible rebounder like how the f*ck

remember when the Sixers were happy about the Horford signing

What if we dont trade Horford but we just ask him politely not to come to games anymore

I’m so honored to have Horford’s contract for the next 3 years. Elton Brand must’ve challenged himself to sign a FA to a worse contract than the one he signed with us in 2008

So as expected the Horford signing is atrocious and another black mark on Elton Brand's poor resume.

If you told me Al did not play tonight I would have believed you

Hear me out....Horford for Hayward swap

False Hope

Simmons willing us back into it. Let’s go’

Much better quarter

Ben Simmons is f*cking magic

Angry Ben has been activated

Y’all do realize we’re gonna win this game right

I muted commentary and started playing Brahms Symphony No.3 and we went on a run. Highly recommend joining in--Berliner Philharmoniker is my favorite rendition and 3rd movement is some of the most beautiful music ever written.

Everything was just a miserable blur for Sixers fans in the second half 

It's difficult listening to a Celtics season ticket holder announce the game.

Yeah!! His second three of the night!!!! Oh... wait... excuse me? Oh OUR second three of the night, right right…

We're like a luckier version of the Knicks

There are five days till the trade deadline.

We're getting our ass whooped on primetime...fun

What is a 3 point shot

Simmons for a bag of chips who says no?

Time to stop watching

We so overrated lmao

F*CKING HELL DUDE I CAN'T WATCH ANYMORE. i can’t put myself through this. they shit the bed every road game. every problem stays the same. they never change. i just can’t

Let’s just hope we don’t play the Celtics, Miami or the raptors in the playoffs. Otherwise, we’ll be fine

It feels like we should be down way more

I miss when our team was bad and fun to watch. this is just painful.

This just sucks because the Celtics don’t even look great we’re just playing like complete dogshit

Ok, this game is over. Congrats Boston, u beat us once

So for the trade deadline, can we trade Brett brown for a treadmill that embiid could use?

I'm done watching this game.

Guys we blew a 20 point lead in Denver in the 4th anything is possible

Damn Tatum has improved a lot...wonder what that’s like

F*cking make Brown look good. F*cking insult to injury on this f*cking game.

Game over, see y’all on Monday.

And my favorite of the night…is a Sixers fan facing the facts…

Just wanna remind everyone that we play Miami and Milwaukee next. We’re a legit 6th seed and will probably lose in the first round. This is one of the most disappointing Sixers teams ever