Kyrie Irving says he's not an "a$$hole," but can't stop sounding like one

Former Celtics guard (Thankfully!) Kyrie Irving was at it again today, doubling down on his comments from the other day when he threw half of his team under the bus following consecutive losses.

In summary, Kyrie says he's great and people talking about him is the price you pay for being so great. Kyrie also says he's not an asshole because he's not constantly yelling at his teammates (Give this man both a Nobel peace prize and sainthood stat!). Oh and if you don't like it, stay the fuck out of the locker room.

The great, non-asshole, leader continues to see his teams have better records when he sits out injured for the record. If you ever want to watch video on how not to be a leader, watch Kyrie. If signing Irving wasn't necessary to signing Durant, pretty sure the Nets would have preferred just re-signing D'Angelo Russell. They still might end up feeling that way. Durant is going to be a mess in New York City with the media as well. Unless the Nets are the top team in the East next season, prepare for some classic meltdowns.

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