Kemba Walker organized New Year's get-together for Celtics players

What a difference a year makes in terms of the vibe and chemistry with the Celtics. The team's new All-Star point guard Kemba Walker decided to finish off 2019 with the team bonding together.

"Kemba. Kemba set it up. It was his idea, his party,” said Langford. "He wanted all of us to be able to end the year on a good note, help us out with team bonding.”

Remember the issues with our last All-Star point guard and the younger Celtics? Well how's this for a change of pace?

Langford said having accessible veterans has eased his early days as a pro.

"It’s been real nice. It makes the transition into the NBA a lot easier to have a nice, supporting cast and guys like that welcome you with open arms from the jump,” said 20-year-old Langford, the 14th overall pick in June’s draft. "It’s been real easy.

"I feel the good vibes. Definitely. From top to bottom, everybody gels, everybody works together well. It’s not like you can only go talk to one person on the team, or one other vet. You can go talk to anybody you want and they’ll help you out with something. And it translates on the court because we all trust each other and have great chemistry.”

The snapshots remind me of the days of the KG, Pierce, and Rondo Celtics. You don't need to all get along for a team to win, but it certainly helps and makes things more fun for both the players and the fans.