Green Envy: What Bulls fans said, 1/13

The Boston Celtics racked up their second straight win with a 113-101 win over the Chicago Bulls. The Celtics were able to maintain a double-digit lead for most of the game, and Chicago fans wasted no time voicing their displeasure. Let's see what they had to say!


It's gonna be a long night (Enough said)

Gafford about to foul out guarding Kanter, I can feel it

For the love of all things holy please don't let Kanter turn into prime Hakeem (Prime Hakeem wishes he was Kanter)


So ahh, when are we actually gonna run an offensive set? All im seeing is dribble dribble pick and pop dribble bail out pass shoot and hope for the best.

Tatum is alreay getting super-star call LMAO He is really streaky player. I don’t know if he is an all-star caliber player. His true shooting percentage is trash.

We becoming the Knicks.. teams just want to showtime against us.

If by halftime we’re still down by 10 I’m boutta head out (He's got shit to do today)

Much as we hate Thad at least his ass ain't afraid to shoot. We have 2 point guards and we can't produce shit.

Me every single game since mid November: WHY IN TF DO I EVEN WATCH THIS GARBAGE?
Also me: Continues watching this garbage (Verbal meme)

ok , almost halfway through the season and I think we need Coby to work on not over dribbling and also not getting tunnel vision.

Lauri leading scorer with 3 points lmao I can’t remember ever seeing it that low after a quarter

This is getting depressing, who would have thought putting a bunch of players known to not score much on a team would result in a bad offense.

Man if Lavine isnt carrying us offensively we get blown out...Lauri looks like a less skilled nikola mirotic to me. He has a better 3 point shot, but that's all he has on Niko imo

Lowest scoring quarter of the season so far boys let’s get it

On pace for a stout 56 points this game.

Biggest L in the franchise history incoming?

This team needs to clean house, trade a few guys, get some defenders, keep Zach, trade everyone else.

40-50 points loss incoming. Stevens is out-coaching us so hard. (Don't worry, you guys aren't the only ones)

This offense is horrendous to watch, here's the plan guys! Everyone stand around on the three point line until we have to fire up a step back or a 60 footer.

I miss Felicio, Payne, Zipser (Yikes..)

Celtics commentators roasting Lauri hard for not being able to take kemba in the post

Everyone in the league and every commentator has said that Lauri should be doing more than just shooting 3s. Boylen is literally the only guy who doesn't see it

I don't know how long I can suffer through us sucking and the Boston announcers

The funny part is our ‘proud’ defensive rating is declining. We are now ranked at 9th and I look forward to seeing how far it will drop.

This team isn’t gonna make the playoffs and isn’t doing any growing so where exactly is this rebuild going

Should I watch the Bulls lose or the national championship game? (You can watch the Bulls lose every night, the national championship is only once a year)

Nothing is falling for Zach tonight. Let’s hope he goes off in the 2nd half. I don’t think I can bare watching anymore if he isn’t playing well.

Can we get a mutiny

Guys don’t get so upset, we might get a tacko sighting tonight (Give the people what they want!)

Remember when people said that calling Boylen a clown was too harsh lol

Zach's cold and it's gonna be so ugly when we get tired of this shit and just make him the primary ball handler again.

I actually like recent Thad. I can feel his trade value is getting higher.

We really getting sliced up like swiss cheese by the celtics offense. While our offense is iso and hope for the best smh. Must be real nice to have a competent coach

I wish we were the Celtics honestly. Packed with young talent, assets, draft picks, a free agent destination, a great coach.


Zach and Lauri needs to get hot. Only thing good on 1st with Lauri was trying to be more active. Too bad he seems to lost some touch again after minor ankle tweak he has. Well, here's for hoping he shook the rust off on 1st half and goes for 20 tonight.

Remember when DRose dropped 50 last year? That was nice. (Relevant)

I feel like I could be doing something else right now instead of watching the game, but watching the game has sapped my energy and will to do that something. (A real catch 22)

yo wtf did egghead say at half time, what ever he said, he needs to say it every game.

How’d we go from the gleague showcase team to the championship contenders

We’ve had moments here and there with this team, but it’s far and few between because this has to be the most underwhelming and depressing NBA team I’ve personally ever witnessed. Our only wins have been from worse teams or we’ve just gotten real good performances that outweigh most factors.

Oh no they're giving me hope...please don't break my heart again

Passing it into a double-turned triple team... Interesting

Gafford has some Bobby Portis level crazy eyes

Man, all these buckets we give them on 2nd and 3rd chances

Why haven't we been playing Thad like this all year?

I am honestly so sick of seeing refs give the benefit of the doubt to the better team.

Imagine if we could play this way for 4 full quarters man damn. A man can only dream

Ain't Joakim Noah still available?

End of 3rd quarter. desperately need buckets

At this point I just want to see Shrek VS Tacko

So are they in this game or not? Wish they'd make up their minds.

Get Hutch off the floor and on the next flight to Hoffman Estates to play out the rest of his rookie deal.

Breaking: Chandler Hutchinson has been assigned to the Windy city Bulls.

Lauri plays first 6 mins and the last 6 mins of every half. So he can really get nothing going and comes in cold. Great plan for a struggling young player

Lauri's numbers are dropping not because he can't score, but he's taking fewer shots and playing fewer minutes. The media is like "what's wrong with Lauri Markannen" but it's simply that he's not playing, and being shut out the offense. I don't know what's happening with this team

I'm not saying that Denzel is a great player, but his shooting spaces the floor for Zach, Coby and KD. Hutch offers what? Defense?

Sigh this team literally cannot make up their mind, one minute theyre trash and the next theyre playing good. I dont get it smh

Zach was pissed about the Smart steal LMAO.

Shrek sighting, welp off to watch the National Championship. Stay strong Bulls fam.

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