When can the Boston Celtics expect Gordon Hayward back?

Photo of Gordon Hayward courtesy of David Liam Kyle - 2019 NBAE/Getty Images

When Gordon Hayward fractured his hand on November 9th against the San Antonio Spurs, Celtics fans everywhere had a pit in their stomach after his hot start. A couple days later he had surgery and we were given a rough six-week timeline. Not bad in the grand scheme of things.

Allow me to do some math for you. Six weeks from the surgery would be December 23rd. The Boston Celtics play the Charlotte Hornets on December 22nd before their Christmas Day match-up against the Toronto Raptors. So, where did you have his return date in your office pool?

My birthday is on December 18th (self plug), so I naturally picked that date as an optimistic return. This would be after five off-days for the Celtics which would allow the team to re-load. The December 18th game is in Dallas, so maybe that is a factor to keep him home until the Celtics play at the Garden on December 20th. But it is 2019 so it doesn’t really matter where he is because we have the technology.

I don’t know if the ice cream headache with timelines and dates are worth it. I apologize. What is important is that he is shooting on a basketball court and is getting closer. He hasn’t been cleared for contact yet, but he is participating in basketball activities. Contact will be approved soon, it seems.

I always felt that Christmas was a good check point for the Hayward return. It’s circled on most of our calendars. It feels like a great time to showcase a fully healthy Celtics squad on a national stage.

I’m not only excited for Christmas because I can’t wait to see the excitement on my little girl’s face, but because the Celtics have made it an annual tradition to play on the marquee day on the calendar. I’m looking forward to seeing the squad at full strength, so hopefully it’s here sooner than later.

Maybe the more prudent question should be: Are you going to have your Christmas shopping complete before Hayward returns? I’m a last minute guy so if he plays before December 25th, my answer is simply, no.

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