Green Envy: What Pistons fans said; 12/20

I don’t know if it was because it is a Friday night during the holiday season, or that the Pistons are not in the same class as the Celtics, or that the Pistons have been in NBA mediocrity for a decade, but their fans did not show up in their forums. I was still able to dig deep and find some interesting quotes to share with you from the game. Needless to say, the Pistons fans are not thrilled with their team’s current standing. Oh yea, and they hate Svi Mykhailiuk.

Poor Svi…

Lmfao Svi is getting his cheeks clapped out there

Svi we gotta talk

Svi is so so so so so so so bad

WTF is SVI doing!!!!

Get SVI the f*** out of boston

Svi might be coming for Thons WOAT crown

Whenever I hear Svi's name I think of the pirate Smee from Hook's gang and I like Smee better, plays better D

Things that didn’t happen

This would be a classic game for the Pistons to win for literally no reason besides giving the fan base hope they can take away later

Thon primordial scream. Thon goin for 40 tonight y’all!

Turnovers were an issue

Pistons decided for Christmas they were going to give the Celtics the ball. A LOT!

Whats the record for turnovers in a game? Think we can get it?

How many fucking dumbass turnovers is that

Do we have more turnovers than field goals? This team lacks the chemistry and patience quite often.

When you know, you know

Tatum is pretty legit

We are no bueno

I know this is obvious, but Jesus Christ Tacko is f*****g huge

This shit is atrocious.

Things I may say at 2 am

I want taco

The best of the rest

Wish Rose just be selfish tonight..

Dre needs to go back to 1993 mannn

This team is so frustrating to watch this year…
>The Piston fan said for the 10th season in a row

My boy Sekou is the MacArthur of this tank commander shit

Caseys reaction is all of us

Lmao please kill me

Never thought Thon could look so short

Thon reminds me of Bambi

I feel like we are just a laughing stock.. do we not have any pride?

Is anyone else hella annoyed by how loud the Celtics stadium is
>I'm pretty envious Anybody else in a like/hate relationship with Drummond?

Tacko legit lookin like black Darko

Thon looks comparatively even worse than me when I play pick up at the gym