Green Envy: What Knicks fans said; 12/1

Green Envy was no guarantee tonight. The Celtics struggled through three quarters before getting it done in the fourth. Even when the Knicks were leading or keeping it close, the Knicks fans didn’t have much optimism. They’re a damaged group. Let’s see what they had to say...

Let’s get their optimism out of the way

Smith doesn't look high for once

Knicks getting calls for once

They shook

DSJ DRIVE, DISH, KNOX SWISH... against the Celts? Swwooooon is this really happening don't wake me up

I feel weirdly optimistic. I think we win this

Just wanna see some heart and fight today

I think they finished space jam 2 and gave DSJ his talent back

There were a few jabs at Celtics players

Lmao Marcus Dumb amirite

Lol dont miss Kanter one bit

F**k the Celtics and f**k their announcers smart is a flopping b***h

Edwards is 5’8 max

12 on the Celtics looks like ugly John Legend

Bro Theis is the most Long Island looking German man I’ve ever seen

Tatum's beard is so bad, it's distracting

Literal green envy

Why does Tatum hate us?

I hate that Kemba is on the Celtics

I feel like a truck could hit grant willliams and he wouldnt budge

Celtics fans being louder than knicks in the garden is a new low

It’s going down, I’m yelling…


They hate Coach Fizdale

i cant stand looking at or hearing fizdale at this point

Fiz need to stop talking about how it used to be. The future is now, old man.

I think David Fizdale might be my least favorite person on the earth

This is the part where a normal coach calls a timeout…

I think Fiz tells the team to tank in the 4th quarter timeouts lmao

It’s actually impressive how much worse the team looks after Fizdale talks to them

Defensively we’re doing alright
>Until Steven's makes adjustments and fiz counteracts with nothing lol

But not as much as they hate Julius Randle

I like how Celtics announcers shitting all over Julius lololol

No pass Juliass

Orange julius

Julius Randle looks like he has a back injury with how ugly he plays

You're killing all of us, Julius. I hope you know that.

Randle is allergic to rebounds.

2nd air ball from 3. Stop shooting them Randle

You knew Randle wasn't passing that.

Randle gotta get surgery on his fingertips to increase traction

Why is Randle so brain dead?

There's the Julius Randle we know and hate

Well, here’s a thought

NBA would be better with no refs, I trust the players honesty

Had to sneak this one in

Why does this arena commentator sounds like Power Rangers villain?

*Drum Roll* What we’ve all been waiting for

Cant wait for them to blow this

Your guys' own fault for getting your hopes up. I don't know why you guys continue to do this to yourselves.

So when do we start talking about luring Kawhi, Doncic, and Giannis here?


Surely we are purposefully tanking? right... no professional NBA team can be consistently this poor at closing?

How many points is Giannis going to score on us tomorrow?

I’m entirely sick of this team

Smith jr is the tank god

Let’s see if we can do it for 48
>We already know the answer to that

Lets get this dub(le digit loss)

Am I doing myself a favor by switching off the Jets to watch the Knicks? Probably not but it's the thought that counts

The Knicks always be Knicksing

I used to think this team was a tragedy, but now I realize it's a comedy

The tank rolls on

It would be annoying if it wasn't so damned predictable.

I don't wanna invest myself in this game cause im sure we're gonna blow it

Once you seen one of our games, you’ve seen them all

We should call ourselves the New York Bricks with all these missed FTs

First the Jets game and now this shit.

This is the most poorly coached team I’ve watched since I turned off the Jets game earlier

At least we're waiting til the fourth quarter to blow the lead today

It’s hell rooting for this team

For anyone who is upset, you played yourself. You knew that they were gonna f**k this up somehow

If you expected anything else you’re delusional
>If we werent delusional we wouldn’t still be watching

Does anyone have this guy’s number?

I am here to escape the Jets… Someone check on me later tonight lol

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