Gordon Hayward may return tonight, less than a month after breaking his hand

You know who doesn't want to miss out on the fun that is this Celtics 2019-20 season? Gordon Hayward that's who.

"Bone has healed, probably stronger than my right hand. There’s a plate in there with screws. The bone is good,” Hayward said Sunday after going through the team’s offday practice. Boston did not engage in any live 5-on-5 action but Hayward sounded open to returning Monday.

Hayward stressed that, if the bone is fully healed, he’s at no real risk for reinjury without taking another shot.

"I can’t do anything that’s going to hurt it. I’m going to have to get hit equally as hard, probably more than last time, because I have the metal in my hand now,” said Hayward. "So the bone is healed. I can’t hurt it worse. It’s almost like playing through the pain, the tissues that I have in my hand, those are a lot slower to recover, so those are going to be sore a little bit. Motion and strength is going to take a little while to get back; it’s whether or not you can play through that and still be effective. That’s kind of what we’re determining but the bone is healed.”

The Celtics were rolling prior to Hayward's injury. Gordon looked to have regained the all-star game he had prior to his horrific leg injury suffered during his first game as a Celtic. The team has hung on in his absence and sit at 2nd place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 16 and 5, but in order to get the most out of this squad, Brad Stevens needs a healthy and peak performing #20.

We'll keep you updated on whether Hayward is a go or not for tonight's match-up with Cleveland.