Green Envy: What Suns fans said, 11/18

The Boston Celtics bounced back from their loss to the Kings with a convincing 99-85 win over the surprisingly good Phoenix Suns. The C's used a balanced scoring attack and a ramped up defensive intensity to put away a Ricky Rubio-less Suns team that has been very impressive early in the season. The Suns have been the laughing stock of the league for so long now that the fans SHOULD be used to the losing, but the hot start has given them some hope. Let's see how they reacted to Monday's loss!


I knew the Suns just got off to a hot start for the season. The 40% from 3 is just not sustainable. Back to normal Suns I guess. (Guys, I just feel bad)

What a boring game so far.

Good to see we’ve changed from last season with being heavily dependant on one player to win games...

Looks like kelly is going to *ish the bed again. This is the reason why he doesn't deserve to be paid more than what he is getting currently. How many times has this guy hit the deck? SERIOUSLY!!! He and Kaminsky got blocked a couple of times by a guy smaller than both of them. If they were stronger they would be able to finish underneath the basket and maybe get and 1's. Am going to say it again, but this team needs a scorer off the bench badly. TJohnson is not capable of carrying the offense. No one was able to buy a basket for the last 5 minutes against a team that played just yesterday! WHO'S TIRED!!! (Welcome to being a Suns fan, the desolate wasteland of NBA fandom. What a sad life to live. P.S. Oubre does suck)

WTF? Celtics aren't even good (Don't embarrass yourself)

For god sake. We’re coming off a few days rest and the Celtics are on a road back to back across the country, yet watching this game you’d think it’s the other way around. We’re missing Rubio but at the same time we don’t seem to be playing with any sort of fire or effort.

Oh my gosh that’s Jaylen Brown? He looks 30 with his new look. (Leave my son alone, he's so swaggy)

I turned it off. I can't stand getting out boarded EVERY SINGLE GAME. We don't even get out into transition and we still let them get so many second chance points. (The Celtics can actually relate to this)

Clank clank clank (Apparently in Phoenix, you start beat-boxing when your team is losing, who knew?)

Its a miracle we are still kind of in this considering how bad we have played Just give is a few minutes boss, you won't be anymore)

This is when you remember that even with Rubio the Suns are the youngest team in the league....and they don't have Rubio tonight

We're kind of lucky that Boston is shooting really badly too. I'm not too worried, we're starting to pick up now (Who wants to tell him?)

We need to stop going at smart (When will the league learn?)

Is there a reason why the Suns and Coyotes games are always the same day at the same time? It sucks! (Honestly, neither of them are worth watching)

lol Devin Booker is my favorite baller by far lol I memorized his birthday and Google him twice a day.
I study all of his highlight videos too and have watched his 70 pt game highlights at least 30 times. (This is concerning..)

Worst half this team has played this year. With Rubio out we need someone to step up, and so far no one has. Also it would help if we weren't shooting absolutely ice cold.
This'll be a good test to see how Monty responds as a coach after his team really gets punched in the mouth. I have faith he can make the right adjustments, but some guys (Booker) need to take control. (*Narrator:* But nobody took control)


All these fairwearher fans, shut up. Suns were barely down and you guys complaining, teams aren't allowed to have bad games? (So defensive)

I don't see the 2019-2020 suns out there. Seeing a lot of the 19 win suns out here. Game recognize game and they lookin kinda unfamiliar right now (I like that this guy says only he can recognize these Suns because he's got game. Pump yourself up bro, I see you)

Tatum is torching

4 mins left in the 3rd. Watching at home, just looked down and realized I’m wearing a green shirt. Changed to purple. If we win now, this is why. (You could wear an entire authentic Suns jersey, it ain't going to help)

At least Portland and (so far) San Antonio are losing today. If we lose, we're not going to lose a lot of ground standing wise. (#LosersMentality)

Hey, we may lose the game, but we won the coach’s challenge tonight!!! (Priorities)

Kaminsky and Saric should only be spot up shooters. They should not be dribbling like their Hakeem or something.

Celtics broadcast keeps saying Diallo is in the game. That's Okobo though. (We do our best, O.K.)

They're literally just hanging on to Booker every time he touches the ball and the refs refuse to call anything.

This is obviously a game where you miss Rubio, but these rebounds are killing us. I think we DEFINITELY miss Ayton today.

This is still a winnable game fellas, just gotta cut down that lead in the 3rd quarter. Celtics are barely shooting better than us, we're just missing some stupid easy layups and jump shots, while the Celtics are getting every bounce, even when Oubre redirected it. No Rubio sucks, just have to play smarter and stronger than the Celtics.

They're playing too damn soft. This happened last time they had a big break between games.

Yeah Celtics just straight up outplaying us right now

It deeply annoys me that it sounds like more Celtic fans than suns fans at the game (Green Runs Deep)

Wtf did this team do during their 3 day break??? (Decide to lose)

Pretty tough to watch so far, we need Ricky bad. Kemba used to be so likeable, but not anymore on the CELTICS.. Marcus smart biggest flopper in the league

If I am Monty Williams, after the game I'm making Frank and Dario spend an hour or two practice finishing at the rim.

Well that could not have gone worse. (The final step in recovery is acceptance)


Probably the first game I've been disappointed with how we played. Just no offence at all.
All our off season recruits were great, but it's pretty obvious Ricky is the most important by an absolute mile. Need him back tomorrow

I know it was a shit performance but let’s not overreact to it. Missing two our best 3 players against one of the best teams in the league accompanied with a cold shooting night.
It happens

Props to the Celtics defense for being integral to Booker not going super sayan

Games like this make me incredibly disappointed in Ayton. His suspension along with our injuries are catching up to us. Poor shooting night but not having Ayton has been tough in some of these losses.

And Josh Jackson was supposed to be better than Tatum lol (#NeverForget)

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