Green Envy: What Knicks fan said; 11/1

This was the Celtics second game against the Knicks in less than a week so I feel like I'm practically family with their fans at this point. The first time around it was all Coach Fizdale's fault, but he flew under the radar in this tightly contested game. Julius Randle, on the other hand, got hammered by the fans. Since the game was back-and-forth for much of the night it felt like the commentary was more focused on basketball than anything else, but don't let that fool you... the Knicks fans did not disappoint. See for yourself.

Knicks fans were getting warmed up early

Obligatory f*** Boston
>F*** Reggie Miller, too

Celtics got Peter Griffin to sing the anthem, makes sense

Take a sip every time they mention Kemba is from the Bronx

Why is brad Stevens lookin like that in the intro lol
>That's just his face man, chill haha.

Is Shipping Up to Boston the only Boston themed song in existence? I swear it plays at every Boston sporting event
>Shits a banger

They love Frank Ntilikina and I don’t get it

If frank locks down Kemba tonight I’ll buy his jersey


Arm sleeve Frank about to go off?

Yo am I a Frank stan now??

That’s my french son

Frank got a block. My pp hard

Smart don’t want that Frankie smoke

I will not lie. I ejaculated in my pants when Frank drained his 3


Frank new kawhi


They hate Julius Randle though

Julius “Butter Fingers” Randle

Randle is a turnover machine..

Randle is cheeks on D and a 3pt chucker on O

Randle needs to play at the Y

Randle looks high or drunk

Randle gets the ball and you can just tell he wants to turn it over

I might be frustrated with randle real quick this year it seems

My favorite part of the game is when Randle goes to the bench

Randle is a walking turnover

That first game got me thinking randle was gonna be an all star smh

Everyone has looked solid but Randle

Crap, Randles back in

Please give the ball to anybody but Randle

Couple funny ones on Bobby Portis

Porty Bobbis

If bobby's eyes popped out anymore theyd fall out

LOL @ Portis taking 9 shots in one quarter. I THINK I'M MJ!

Do you think we can trade him for anything of value? I’d even take like 5 new spaldings

Bobby with that crazy look in his eyeballs as hes holding Theis down after biting on that fake. Nightmare fuel

Before Mook redeemed himself, they were beginning to understand

I'm almost bothered that Morris made that lol, he doesn't need more encouragement

Marcus Morris completely kills our ball movement. The guy thinks he’s Melo

Nice 2 see Morris take an open 3 instead of deciding to dribble into a contested fade away 2

When Morris gets the ball the rest of the team can start running back on D because they ain't getting it back

Morris and midrange shots at the end of the shot clocks, name a better duo

If I took a shot every time i saw morris to that little iso hesi pull up, i’d have died 3 days ago

Morris needs to chill with the hero ball

Daniel Theis coming out party?

Daniel Theis looks like a Breaking Bad extra

F*** this Theis dude

Who the f*** is this Theis guy?

Miscellaneous trash talking

Man theyre playing wanamaker.. if we dont win..

We need to try and build something while the C’s have their Jayson Tatum + 4 2K MyCareer players lineup in

Tatum needs to wait on that beard

Tatum's got that boozer sharpie hair

Lmaooo, f*** Smart

Hate Smart’s flopping

Love when guys like Smart act tough when they're clearly not
>Pretty sure he’s tough... but I hear you

I guess one of the refs looked like a rapper

Gucci Mane giving Smart the tech

That ref looks like gucci

I don’t know what this was in reference to, but here we are


Some self reflection

I'm just glad we look competent and are competing

We played like ass how are we up by 1 lol

We're up but it still feels like we're down…

I just shidded my pants

I’m a Knicks fan, I never liked winning anyways.

Why do I get my hopes up like this

Blue ball knicks

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