Green Envy: What Kings fan said - 11/25

A shorthanded Celtics team took care of the Kings Monday night at TD Garden to snap their two-game losing streak. And with that, another Green Envy! The Kings fans were very civil in their loss, but still had plenty to say throughout the matchup.

Top Three

Who the heck is Draymont Waters?

The Celtics have mastered the art of missing an outside shot so badly it lands in a teammate's hands.

I see Giles is in. What’s the occasion?

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Still think Tatum is pretty much just a well-coached Rudy Gay

One of these teams is the best teams in the league and the other is the Boston Celtics

Refs allowing the Celtics to take four steps per possession

Officiating sucks

Layup drills.

Annoying as heck, they either get to the rim or brick so bad from outside they get the board.

Kings are going to lose this game because they can’t stop Waters and Edwards

Marcus Smart over here playing like Kyrie Irving

Give a break. When did smart turn into a scorer

Oh look. Smart flat runs over a King and ... gasp ... no foul called.

that's 12 consecutive losses in Boston....feels longer

How many plays until Deadmon throws a pass to no one?

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