The Celtics take some time to visit the most magical place on earth

In preparation for their preseason game against the Orlando Magic tonight, the Celtics traveled to Florida a few days early under the guidance of Coach Brad Stevens, who felt the time to bond on the road would be very much valued in the long run. As a result, some members of the team decided to use that time and their convenient location to their advantaged, visiting some of the most popular theme parks in the world.

The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world. Photo via Mariah Wild 
According to an article written by Marc D'Amico for, the players had the option on Wednesday of either taking themselves and any family or guests they wanted to Walt Disney World or going golfing. The group of players who choose to partake in the Disney trip included rookies Grant Williams and Romeo Langford, as well as Semi Ojeleye. Gordon Hayward also visited though he spent more time with his wife and kids.

Throughout the day, the group bounced around the various parks including Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and the Magic Kingdom. When it was all said and done, their majority vote for best ride favored Hollywood Studios Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, although The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror seemed to be a close second.

For Romeo Langford (who is set to make his preseason debut tonight), this was his first visit to the world-famous destination and as credited in the article, it was all thanks to the plan set by Stevens to provide more bonding off the court as the team travels, which seems to have worked with this group of guys. Former Tennessee forward Grant Williams had this to say about what the trip meant to him and his teammates:

We're thankful for coach for [this] because he is coordinating all of this and giving us an opportunity to be ourselves, be unique, and also just really be better as a group.

Semi Ojeleye (entering his third season with the Celtics) added this as well:
"This is good. We don't get this time. Throughout the season you're kinda in a rush, and travel is hectic so everyone is worn out. But having time to not necessarily relax, but I guess be together, is rare. So we tried to enjoy it and take advantage of it."

Although the trip appears to have been a success, it was made clear that this was only done because it was the preseason and that in no way would these types of events continue throughout the 2020 regular season.

That being said, let's hope for the sake of the team's success this year and avoiding what happened last year coach Stevens continues to keep team chemistry and bonding high on his list of priorities. 

The Boston Celtics will take the floor for their second preseason game in Orlando against the Magic tonight at 7 p.m. eastern time.

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