Green Envy: What Knicks fans said; 10/26

For a game that was close into the third quarter, the New York Knicks fans couldn’t help but rip their own team to shreds throughout. Aside from RJ Barrett love, they had plenty to say about their point guards, their coach, and sprinkled in some Celtics hate as well.

A couple of my favorites

Guess 2 drinks will not be enough tn

Randle did cocaine before the game

Morris is playing like the poor man’s Carmelo Anthony’s half eaten sandwich

I’m gonna choke somebody
     > Calm down Spree

Fizdale from r/NYKnicks

Some mild Celtics talk

Tacko looks like a Create A Player out there

Jaylen “Andrew Wiggins” Brown

Tatum is Wiggins with a 3 ball

Jaylen Brown is just too small. kind of sad, really

The Celtics are way too small for our 19 power forwards and centers lmao

This f****r Marcus smart always turns into a Ray Allen incarnate vs us

When in doubt, make fun of the Celtics’ looks

Tatum your beard doesn’t connect

Tatums beard is quite pube-y T

Tatum was getting sick of the young jokes so he grew a pube beard to show he’s a big boy

Tatum and his barber need to stop playing and just give him the baldie

Why the hell is Tatum sporting that pube-beard? Is he trying to be Mookie Betts or something?

Fr where is Marcus Smart’s forehead. He just goes straight from eyebrow to hairline

I can’t believe they paid flat top Jeff Green $115 million lol

These didn’t age too well

Lol Celtics look like trash. Why aren’t they using Kemba? He’s ur f****n PG bro

Kemba has been rough to start the season

Kemba is not very good, glad we didn’t sign him.

When you realize your own talk is cheap

The “Protect the Garden” battlecry literally lasted 3 quarters into the season before it died

Its only 3 games in but its the same shit as every year. “We dogs. We gonna protect home turf.” Buncha damn talk.

Watching Portis and Morris talk about this dog mentality they're bringing is cringeworthy when that's the type of defensive effort they bring.

Missed assignments, slow contests, dumb fouls. "We dogs tho! They gotta fear coming to our house!"
"Gonna get mines and beat my chest" types

Poor Dennis Smith Jr. 

Not sure what anyone would even give for dsj after these 3 games, a dryer maybe?
     > A dryer sheet.
          > A used one at that, one that's been rolling around the dryer for a few rounds
              > The one that you take out and use as a duster because you're too lazy to look for your rag

DSJ really got Fultz disease

DSJ is complete trash

DSJ must feel like a steaming turd when the Garden crowd starts chanting We Want Frank…


DSJ is hot garbage

I don't even like Frank and i'm ready to chant for him to come in for DSJ

Fire DSJ into the sun

Get DSJR the f*** out of the Garden, just escort him out

What is wrong with DSJ. He's about to get traded to China.

The fans really wanted to see more Frank Ntilikina

If Tacko gets off the bench before Frank I'm smacking Fizdale's glasses off.

The garden knows what needs to be done


Frank showed great potential in his 18 seconds

Fun fact: When Frank has been on the court tonight, the Celtics have scored 0 points. GOAT


How much y’all wanna bet Frank f****d Fizdale’s wife

Frank must've ran over Fizdale's dog or something.

Coach Fizdale: Not a fan favorite

There is alot that Fizdale is doing wrong. Doesn't seem like he's equipped to be a head coach, he's a great assistant, but is regularly exposed as the head man.

Fizdale needs to get all of the blame here. He's setting up DSJ to fail by sending him out there in front of a crowd that's already impatient with him.

Fiz is acting like a child. I was told he learned from his mistakes in Memphis.. but it doesn't look like he learned a damn thing. 

I dont want to jump the gun but he's getting awfully close to the hot seat rn

Fitz let DSJ die.

I've been DSJ's biggest hater today but I know who caused it

Fizdale can f*** right off before RJ decides to retire and become a maple farmer.

I really fear that Fiz has no idea what he’s doing.

Fiz has no clue. Literal 0.


Knicks: 0-0; Other teams: 3-0; David Fizdale’s dumb ass: 0-3


Frank really must’ve f****d Fiz’s wife or something for DSJ to still be out there while looking like me at planet fitness after a 15 hour shift


Fiz has got that im-about-to-cry face on that timeout.

At least Knicks fans are self-aware

We’re a meme right now

0-82 here we come

I'm so ready to get disappointed again


And we wondered why KD and Kyrie picked Brooklyn instead haha. What a dumbass I am

It was ugly in the Garden tonight

2-1 in moral victories for the season

Will the knicks ever win again? probably not

Yo I even think Celtic fans feel sorry for us now