Kemba Walker signing and Terry Rozier sign-and-trade become official; Celtics acquire 2nd rounder

The moratorium has lifted and trades and signings can become official now. As expected the Celtics didn't acquire much in the Terry Rozier sign-and-trade. They will receive the worse of the Knicks or Nets 2020 2nd rounder, so likely the Nets'.

Kemba Walker is taking jersey number 8, which has everyone on Twitter busting out the "Time to find my old Employee #8 Antoine Walker jersey" joke.

Was hoping that Tommy Heinsohn would allow Kemba to wear his retired #15 (Note, not saying un-retire or take down the number from the rafters.), but instead like almost every new player that joins the Celtics, Kemba will take a new number.

Terry Rozier gets a lot more number options in Charlotte and will go with #3 (He couldn't wear that in Boston, because of course it is retired, like again most numbers are here).

I think the Celtics wanted to make it a three way sign-and-trade with Brooklyn, but my guess is the Nets were asking for too big of an incentive. Still an extra 2nd rounder is always nice.

Danny Ainge had this to say, now that he's allowed to comment on the signing:

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