No market for DeMarcus Cousins; Celtics still not interested

It was thought originally that the Celtics wouldn't be able to afford DeMarcus Cousins. Apparently no matter the price, the Celtics have no interest. They quickly made that clear when they signed three centers the past two days.

The team is looking for better chemistry this season and adding Cousins with his baggage is a no go. Seemed like Cousins didn't cause many issues this past season, but that was on a veteran, all-star team. The Celtics are not that right now. If the Celtics still had a KG on the roster, maybe they would have rolled the dice with DeMarcus.

The other issues are Cousins is not the same player he was prior to his Achilles tear. He's a negative on defense for sure. Also we're playing in the NBA age where unless you're an Anthony Davis or Jokic or Embiid, a team isn't going to run their offense through a big man.

Some team will sign Cousins. Maybe whichever L.A. team misses out on Kawhi. It won't be the Celtics. They weren't really interested in him back when he was good and teams relied on centers more, so it's no surprise they are passing on him now.