Kemba Walker: "I'm a leader in my own way... I'm that lead by example type"

This morning, Kemba Walker published a piece in The Player's Tribune titled "Boston, Let's Do This."

The first half of the article discusses his time in Charlotte and his gratitude towards the city and the Hornets franchise.

In the second half, Kemba turns his attention to the Boston Celtics' fan base, and lets us know what we can expect from him:

And then to the city of Boston, and to Celtics fans everywhere, like I said: I’m more of the quiet type. I’m a man of few words. So I’ll wrap this up in a minute. But mostly I just wanted to say a quick hello, and tell you all a little about myself, so you know what to expect.

Walker goes on to describe his leadership style, and his desire to constantly improve himself and his teammates:

I’m a leader in my own way. I’m never going to shout anyone off the court, or get overly negative. It’s not my style. But what I do is I take pride in making my teammates better — I’m that lead by example type. I like to keep it direct.

I’m ALWAYS looking to improve! I made my first-ever All-NBA team last season, but I’m not trying to gain satisfaction from that. I’m trying to gain motivation. Every year, my goal is simple: to get better, and go farther.

I take my responsibilities as a professional very seriously — but I also try not to lose sight of why I’m here in the first place. I love this game. So we’re going to grind for those buckets….. we’re going to grind for those stops….. but I’ll tell you what else: we’re going to have some fun out there. And you can bet we’re going to be fun to watch.

Similar to his interview on ESPN last night, Kemba reiterates in The Players Tribune piece that he is a winner, and expresses his determination to contribute to the Celtics' winning tradition:

And then one last thing about me: I’m a winner. I’ve always been a winner. It’s who I am — or at least who I strive to be — anytime I step foot on the court. And when I think about my future with this team, and how I’m now going to be playing for the Celtics….. I mean, that’s why I feel like it’s a match made in heaven. I want to win here, badly — and I’m excited to prove myself as that type of player in this league. I want to elevate myself into that Boston winning tradition. I want to get this team back on top.

Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images