Enes Kanter agrees to sign with the Boston Celtics

Well for all the people that complained about Al Horford not putting up big enough numbers, the Celtics have signed a guy who should put up a lot of points and grab a ton of rebounds. Defense is another story and is he a starting caliber center on a contender is also to be determined, but given the Celtics financial constraints, Kanter was one of the Celtics best options, so I'm sure are thrilled to get him.

Part of me is weary about the fact that in an era where you need your big man to do at least two of three things (preferably all three), being be able to defend on switches, block shots, and space the floor, Kanter does none. But he's a prototypical big man of old, similar to Greg Monroe. So if you liked Greg Monroe on the Celtics, you'll like Kanter.

As far as rounding out the rest of the Celtics big man depth, there's this:

What do you think of the Kanter signing?