Clippers offered Marcus Morris $41 million at the start of free agency

Following up on the odd free agency of Marcus Morris where we first heard he had agreed to sign with the Spurs, then that he reneged on that deal and was signing with the Knicks and culminating with him firing his agent, we now hear that the best offer he received was at the start of free agency and he may or may not have even heard about it.

The Los Angeles Clippers offered a three-year, $41 million deal to Marcus Morris in free agency.

The Clippers were also set to pay Morris 50 percent of his salary on Oct. 1 as well.

But Morris sought a two-year, $40 million deal but the Clippers couldn't offer that deal while preserving enough cap space to sign Kawhi Leonard.

A rumor that Rich Paul never told Morris about the offer from the Clippers was denied by a team source.

Morris's whole free agency was bungled. And based on Morris firing Rich Paul it appears that his agent former agent didn't do a stellar job. A 3 year $41 million dollar deal with the Clipper would have been a fantastic deal for Morris. Also he'd be playing for championships as opposed to making only $15 mil for a Knicks team that already has about 25 forwards. That Knicks team is going to be a mess with all the veteran power forwards on one year contracts demanding playing time.

Then you add in the backing out the Spurs deal and either Marcus Morris made himself look bad or his agent did. Someone messed up for sure.

Hey Rich, remember when you passed on an additional $25 mil for me and an opportunity for a championship, so I could be riding the pine, waiting on a trade or buyout from this tanking, dumpster fire Knicks team?
What is things Marcus Morris will say come February for 200 Alex?

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