CL Pod 103: Free agency's start for Boston and the rest of the league

We knew the week would be a wild one with almost half the league up for free agency, but even in the thick of things, surprises kept coming, with the worst-kept of them -- Kemba Walker's interest in the Boston Celtics -- made Sunday night more pleasant than many were expecting even a week ago.

A few days into the summer free agency period, the shape of the league in 2019-20 is starting to come into focus, but in ways few people would have guessed.

Sign-and-trades, usually a rarity, abounded, while at least one big fish -- Kawhi Leonard -- still hasn't made up his mind.

Tampering galore and surprise moves highlighted the early action, and the bulk of double-digit million contracts are already inked.

Join Cam Tabatabaie and Mark Allison as they break down all the moves Boston made so far, and how the league they'll be facing could look come training camp.

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