Celtics tampering complaints are "ridiculous" says Al Horford

Al Horford appeared on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday in promotion of his involvement with the first Jr. NBA camp in the Dominican Republic. There, he was not only questioned about the camp, but his career overall and his departure from Boston.
Photo via Maddie Meyer

 A few days ago, rumors swirled that the Boston Celtics' front office was not happy with how Al Horford's free agency was handled and suggested that tampering may have played a part in his sudden departure. When reports came out that Horford was opting out of his final year with Boston, the common belief was that a long term deal between the Celtics and Al would be the result.
However, just mere hours later more reports came that along with Kyrie Irving, Al Horford would be leaving Boston. This was shocking news to Celtics fans, NBA fans, and the Celtics organization alike.
On top of everything we learned that not only was Horford leaving Boston but he was going to their Eastern Conference rivals the Philadephia 76ers. For Celtics fans, this was the definition of the phrase "when it rains it pours."
In response to all of this and the speed at which Horford and the Sixers completed their deal, the rumors of the Celtics' frustrations began and Dan Patrick made sure to bring it up. When asked if he felt "tampered with," Horford laughed and replied by saying:
"I just think it's - what can I say - it's ridiculous. You know it is what it is...I love Danny. Danny was always really good to me. I know that he's definitely frustrated that things didn't work out with us."
Clearly, the former Celtics all-star does not think the 76ers broke any NBA rules or regulations in his new deal and still claims that the decision to leave Boston was a very difficult one. You can see the interview from yesterday in its entirety here: The first Jr. NBA camp in the Dominican Republic will last three days and include 108 kids learning new basketball skills through drills and games led by Al Horford and the Jr. NBA crew.

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