Woj: Celtics and Lakers "engaged" in trade talks with Pelicans for Anthony Davis

So much for Rich Paul's threat.

Ainge wouldn't be doing his job if he wasn't talking to the Pelicans. Maybe he can parlay the threat of Davis walking in 2020 into surrounding less in a trade. Also you don't want the Lakers to get Davis for less than a full bounty. Celtics need to be in the talks if for no other reason than to bump up the cost for the Lakers (and Knicks).

Also, let's be honest, if there's one GM that's not scared to trade for a star despite the threat that he will leave, it's probably Danny.


If the Lakers are J-Lo the Celtics have to be a hotter, younger celebrity with a better future then right? No disrespect to J-Lo's or Lebron's past.