What is missed in free agency frenzy, is the bargain of Marcus Smart's contract

What gets lost in the frenzy of free agency, and the ridiculous salaries that get handed out, are the bargain salaries that were previously regarded as borderline-larcenous. When Marcus Smart was handed a 4-year deal starting at $11.1 million last season, many thought that was too much money for a player that was one-dimensional - mostly defense, with a very shaky offensive package. The same was said of Avery Bradley when he signed for $32 million over four years with Boston in 2014. That turned out to be a bargain. Now Terry Rozier is reportedly prepared to sign for an average of $19.3 million per season with the Hornets.

You see the trend. Bradley, Smart and Rozier are similar players - tough-nosed defense and spotty offense. But in only five years, we see yearly salaries for them go from $8 million - to $11 million - to $19 million. Smart's final 2021-22 season will net him only $13.8 million, far less than what T-Ro will earn. Is it a bargain for Boston? You bet! Both Kyrie Irving and his replacement on the Celtics roster, Kemba Walker, will earn roughly $35.2 million per season.

Marcus may look down the line and say, "What the hell was I thinking?" But right now, I am saying, contentment in life rises significantly with increased income - to a point - beyond which happiness rises little as the money keeps coming. Winning in basketball, and in life, trumps so much of what we perceive as desirable. Contentment is the ultimate goal. Are you happy with yourself and what you have achieved? Is there a major difference in $11 million and $19 million? I think not! Not in the scheme of things. The frenzy of free agency continues - as does the salary insanity. Glad to have you with us, Marcus. Salaries don't dictate outcomes.

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Photo via Brian Baineau/NBAE via Getty Images