Marcus Smart is running his camps, staying in shape, and still here

When Marcus Smart runs his camps, he has as much fun as the youngsters attending. In the tweet/video below you can see he is teaching, among other skills, lock-down defense and taking a charge. Looks like the kids love him and so do we. I am thrilled that he came out of the trade wars unscathed and he is still with us.

He looked to be in the best shape of his career towards the end of last season. He still looks the same. Don't forget, he battled high body fat early in his career. He's winning that battle - and a few others. Kyrie Irving is probably gone. Terry Rozier? Good chance of it. So who plays point guard? Marcus Smart will, unless a better point guard comes along via trade, draft or free agency.

Isn't the modern NBA game all about versatility? Point Guard - Yup. Off guard - done it. Small forward - ditto. Power forward - yes, on switches. Center - see power forward. Defending the best player on opposing team? Usually. Taking charges - please. Diving on the floor? Always. You get the idea.

These are tough times for Celtics fans, but two things have cheered me up today. So as CelticsLife writer, Justin Quinn talks some friends off cliff edges, I am lifted up by Tomek Kordylewski's tweet/video on the Jay Team and Marcus' romp with the young folks. Danny can never let this guy go.

"Now excuse me while I talk some friends off a few cliffs." - Dr. Justin Quinn on the plight of current Celtics fans

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Photo via Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images