Kyrie Irving has reportedly "ghosted" the Celtics

I want to be a leader, but I have zero of the attributes that leaders must have

On Monday we heard that the Celtics were expected to meet with Kyrie Irving prior to free agency (and hopefully before the draft). That's even bigger news now with the report that the Celtics haven't really been in contact with Irving in weeks.

"The strangest part about the Irving situation right now is it appears he's essentially ghosted on the Celtics. The people within the organization I've spoken with have made it clear they've had little, if any, communication with Irving in weeks."

At least his lack of leadership has been consistent. Reports are that the players he butted heads with most were Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier. Well if Kyrie really wanted to have his number up in the rafters one day, he could of either a) made things work with the young guys or b) Danny could have included them in the Anthony Davis package. But instead he just disappears.

The Celtics have Irving everything he could have wanted in a team. He was "the guy." He had other all-stars in Gordon Hayward and Al Horford that didn't mind letting Kyrie be the guy. He had a bunch of young player that could either compliment the team or be used in a trade down the road (for AD for example). He had a solid ownership and front office, a great fanbase and a coach that no one has ever said one thing bad about. Well until Kyrie three him under the bus several times this year.

It's not the Celtics fault that Hayward got injured. It's not the Celtics part that they legally couldn't team up Anthony Davis with Irving til this summer. Irving checked out on the Cavs. Wouldn't even talk to his teammates in the playoffs. Threatened to get surgery on his knee if Cleveland wouldn't trade him.

I don't fault Ainge for dealing a Nets pick for a star. I fault Ainge for not researching Kyrie enough to know that he wasn't the star to cash in chips for. Luckily the pick ended up only being Collin Sexton and not a higher pick like Luka Doncic. I wouldn't mind having Shai Gilgeous-Alexander on the Celtics though. He was available with that Nets pick, but I digress.

Irving thinks he's LeBron and is a LeBron-like diva, but without LeBron abilities on the basketball court. LeBron can have multiple coaches fired because LeBron makes your team a winner. Kyrie does not.

The Celtics passed on Paul George, Jimmy Butler, and Kawhi Leonard and bit on Kyrie. He was the wrong star to go after. Fantastic offensive basketball player, but he's not a winner and he's definitely not a leader. You could have had it all in Boston Kyrie. My prediction is Kyrie will end up a problem eventually on his new team as well. Might not be this upcoming season, but by season two at least.

Got to give Danny Ainge a big L on not doing his due diligence on Irving prior to the trade. Now you have three chances to find us an exciting replacement in this draft. The last time Ainge drafted the C's an all-star was in 2006 (technically the Suns drafted Rondo, but they picked him for Boston). I've stated prior that I wanted the Celtics to re-sign Irving, so we don't lose a valuable asset for nothing. I was hoping we signed him and then traded his ass in the winter. Now it's looking like I will have to settle for the 2nd best option: Enjoy watching a much more likable Celtics team while simultaneously seeing Kyrie poison another franchise.