Grant Williams finding it hard to pick a jersey number - most are retired

After the turmoil and total disappointment from last season, it is time for some fresh air. I truly believe Celtics fans may have that in the person of newly-drafted Grant Williams. Trust me - I am not painting him as the next version of Kevin Garnett, but contrary to what sports writer Dan Shaughnessy may think, I believe he can supply the team at least a bit of help right away.

Grant is having a tough time picking out a jersey number because - as he tells it - "almost every single number is retired." He's right. Williams wants to be part of that legacy. He's not bragging that he will be a superstar in green one day - but merely that he wants to be part of that culture.

How good can he be? What's his ceiling? Too soon to tell. But his points, rebounds, assists free throw attempts and free throw percentage have all increased each of the three years at Tennessee. He got to the free throw line an average of 7.0 times per game last season, and he hit 82% of them. If you haven't already done so, listen to his one-minute discussion about his choice of a jersey number. This kid was brought up right. Looking forward to watching the Williams Brothers, Rob and Grant, as an occasional tandem on the hardwood.

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Photo via Chatanoogo Times Free Press