10th suspect in David Ortiz shooting, nicknamed "The Surgeon", still on the run

The suspect count connected to the shooting of former Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz, has now risen to ten - with nine presently under arrest. The 10th suspect, Luis Alfedo Rivas Clase - going by the cringe-worthy nickname "The Surgeon" - is still on the run from police.

Luis Alfedo Rivas Clase, alias "The Surgeon"

This may not be Clase's first brush with the law relative to an attempted homicide (per ABC News' Bill Hutchinson):

As the search for Luis Alfredo Rivas-Clase, 31, intensified, U.S. authorities said he's also wanted for an attempted homicide in Pennsylvania that had striking similarities to the Sunday night shooting that left Ortiz with a bullet wound to the back.

The Berks County Sheriff's Office confirmed to ABC News on Thursday that they have been looking for Rivas-Clase since April 2018, when he was identified as a suspect involved in the shooting of a man in Reading. That victim, like Ortiz, survived a bullet wound to the back.

"The victim stated Rivas-Clase threatened to have him killed a few days before the shooting occurred," the Berks County Sheriff's Office said in a statement posted on its Facebook page following the April 22, 2018, incident.

Police thus far have been mute as to a possible motive for the attempted murder of Big Papi. It is highly probable that law enforcement authorities already have a decent handle on a motive but are holding off dispensing that information pending further investigation. Stay with CelticsLife for updates.

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Photo via Dominican National Police