Terry Rozier: "I don't give a f**k what nobody say, I sacrificed the most out of anybody"

My initial response: 😬

My second response is players today are way too sensitive. They grow up only being told how great they are. Then even though they have thousands of people everyday still telling them how great they are while in the NBA, they simply can not handle any criticism at all. Get off social media if you can't handle it. Reminds me of Danny Ainge's observation:

Thought that Rozier had a decent chance at remaining with the Celtics if Kyrie walked, but those odds are starting to diminish. This quote is not the end of the world. Pretty sure Antoine Walker called Danny Ainge a snake after he traded him to Dallas, and Ainge ended up trading for Antoine back.

The Globe's Gary Washburn certainly thinks Scary Terry is gone:

Here's more from Rozier:

Do you want Terry Rozier back?