Jason Terry tried to get Kevin Garnett to join his BIG3 team

You can't blame him for trying.

Evidently, former Boston Celtic Jason Terry tried (and failed) to get Kevin Garnett to join him on what would have been an ex-Celtics-heavy team in Ice Cube's BIG3 three-on-three basketball league.

That team, the Trilogy, also features former Celt Patrick O'Bryant, of which Terry is the team captain.

The JET didn't really expect KG to suit up, however, for reasons he explained to Closeup360.com:

"You’ve got to understand, guys that have played as long as they [players like Garnett] did in their careers and now are retired, they are searching out other passions in their life. For them, they would rather watch and cheer us on because they gave all they could give to the game. When I retired, I still thought I had a little bit more to give, so this will be my opportunity to do so."

It would have been a lot of fun to watch the Big Ticket in the BIG3, but if we're being honest, I'd rather see him as an assistant coach in Boston.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE; video: Boston Celtics, Tomasz Kordylewski
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