Bol Bol down to 208 pounds at Draft Combine - and other takeaways

No surprise at the Draft Combine when Tacko Fall came in with the largest height (7'5.25" w/o shoes), weight (288.8 pounds) and hand length (10.5"). Lowest body fat (astounding 2.9%) went to Oshea Brissett. Largest hand width (11") went to Neemias Queta.

Bruno Fernando measured only 6'9" in height with shoes and had a disappointing max vertical of 33". Cam Reddish, on the other hand, did himself a favor by showing up for measurements - coming in at 6'8" with a 7'1" wingspan. The major surprise came with Bol Bol who weighed in at only 208 pounds, down 26 pounds from his August weight of 234. That is concerning for a guy 7'2" tall.

Some of the discussion seen in the video below concerned Tacko Fall and his future in the NBA. Everyone agrees he is a physical freak, but there are many questions about how he will perform in the NBA. There was agreement that a 2-way NBA contract may be his entry to the League.

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Photo via NBA
Video via DraftExpress