NBA's 6th-Man-of-the-Year Award needs to be named after the best - John Havlicek

This is a no-brainer! Many of my best ideas don't come from me - they arrive via my readers. ATLGREEN supplied this thought via the comment section of my article on the death of John Havlicek.

atlgreen • 2 days ago
I think the NBA should name the 6th man of the year award after him (John Havlicek)..

To be honest, when I penned that truly sad piece on Jarrin' John, I was so bereft over his death that there was little left for anything else. Thank heaven for our readers. The passing of any truly fine individual always has that effect on me. At times, they seem in short supply.

Here the glitch. The NBA already has the Red Auerbach Trophy, given yearly to the NBA Coach of the Year. The League also has the Bill Russell Finals MVP Award. If the NBA does the right thing and names the 6th-Man-of-the-year award after Havlicek, will there be a clamor around the league by other teams? My answer is, I don't give a damn. Not only does it need to be done - it needs to be done NOW. The following photo fits like a glove.

If you can name all of the Celtics in that SI photo, you get accolades from me. Who is sitting on either side of Red Auerbach, breathing in his cigar smoke? Bill Russell and John Havlicek. We need all three to have their names associated with NBA awards. If anyone has a better choice to have the award named after them, I would love to argue the point with them.

I was fortunate to have located the terrific Sports Illustrated photos that accompany my article. They tell so much. I thank atlgreen for the idea - one that I will not let rest. It is good for John's family, friends and fans. It is good for the Celtics and the entire League. Can you just imagine the raucous applause at TD Garden for Game 3 of the Boston-Milwaukee series if it was announced that the Sixth-Man Award was to be named after one of the best, and most-respected, NBA players to have ever taken the hardwood.

Former NBA Commissioner, David Stern, was responsible for naming the Finals MVP award after Russell. Adam Silver should follow suit with the 6th-Man Award. JOHN HAVLICEK SIXTH-MAN-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD. Sounds great!

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Photos via Sports Illustrated (Walter Iooss, James Drake, Heinz Kluetmeier, Manny Millan)