Green Envy: What Pacers fans said - Round 1, Game 1 - 4/14/19

The Celtics took the opening game of their series with Indiana Pacers in an ugly battle of two teams that just couldn't buy a bucket. But a win is a win, and the Celtics reeled in their first of the postseason despite shooting like a U-12 Rec League team at a whopping clip of 36%. Fifteen more to go for banner 18!

Top Three:

My 5 year-old son: "I miss Oladipo."
Me, too, buddy. Me, too.

it’s like they went into the locker room at halftime and found out that Paul George banged all their wives


More Coach Nate Hate:

Nate “First Round Exit” McMillan

Even when he had Dipo last year, Nate’s offense was absolute garbage in the post season. This is no surprise.

Nate give everyone food poisoning at halftime?

I want to fight Nate McMillan

Nate McMillan for Coach of the Year my ass.

8 points in 12 minutes. Nate will always lead us to the playoff but also a first or second round exit.
Nate isn't the one missing free throws and wide open 3's

I feel bad for all the Pacers fans that still believe Nate is a good coach. The homer is too real for y’all. This dude is a fuckin potato.

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Do the Celtics have the best 5 players of the series?

I don’t care that Tyreke has been sandbagging all year if we win this series.


Playoff Tyreke is acceptable

7 point lead without Bojan, Myles, or Domas doing much offensively is a good sign. But at the same time neither has Kyrie, Tatum, or Brown so who knows 🤷‍♂️

Hmm cant tell if Evan's is off the lean or not...

I thought I read an article about Myles being tough.

Marcus Morris owns us

of course since smart is out morris is gonna be the dude to light us up

Hayward literally is/has a redneck

Please don't do it to us again, uncle Drew

I don’t like a lot of these calls but honestly it’s going both ways so at least we’re not getting screwed

its that time of year again. no scoring allowed

How can you cheer for Robert Kraft...

There is not a single likable person on the Celtics`

Thaddy is my daddy?

Pacers playing great right now and so is Tiger. This is great.

Keep winning the boards, cut down on the turnovers, and keep making the open shots and we could win this pretty convincingly


Here we go again. A significant lead at the end of the first half. Pls for fucks sake react well to whatever the celtics will adjust so we can keep the damn lead.

Any time you hold an opponent under 40 in the half it’s a good half. Let’s kick these fuckin Leprechauns

Boston being gracious and letting us hang around. nvm

Playoff Scary Terry

I wish our team made lucky shots like that

What’s the use of calling a timeout now?
So we don't have any left when we finally start trying again

Just getting suuuuper unlucky, basketball gods hate Indiana

This scoring drought happens every third quarter like clockwork. Not concerned. We all know the team finds itself in the 4th if they’re ever gonna win the game

idk about y'all but i'm not about to waste my time the rest of the week by watching us get blown out nightly

Wait what happened?? I was watching Tiger’s finish
Then you don’t deserve to know

Channel: changed

We have more turnovers than points this quarter

And we just set a new playoff record for lowest points in a quarter. Fuck.

Maybe we can make two shots in a row in the 4th

This is painful to watch, guys :( wish 'Dipo were here, ya'll really need that guy to just force-feed the ball to and get you some needed buckets to right the ship
I hope Dipo didn't have to see this.

stay positive guys, both teams arent playing well, and if anyone can come back it will be us. Please stay positive.
There's nothing to be positive about in this half.

we might not even hit 70

I see why people become bandwagon fans

Well I’m getting shitfaced tonight

The Celtics are also playing like shit but we're out-shitting them....

3 of 27 in the second half are you fucking kidding me

Just 3 more games and we don’t have to watch this trash anymore.

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