Celtics to debut new jersey for 2019-2020 season featuring purple

The Boston Celtics are known for tradition and their jersey has stood the test of time while other organizations have tinkered with their designs several times over. The Celtics have slowly been going with the flow and adding alternate jerseys, but for then 2019-2020m season they appear to be going nuclear.

Adding purple to their jerseys would be bad enough color scheme wise in and of itself, but the fact that the stink of a Lakers color will be featured on a Celtics jersey I believe should make Celtics fans want to throw up. 17>16 and Green and white > Purple and egg yolk.

What is this some ploy to get Anthony Davis to want to come to Boston? Do the Celtics think that his interest in the lakers was because of their team colors? This is ridiculous. I don't even like when Celtics players wear purple or egg yolk color sneakers. That's bad enough. But now our jerseys?! This has gone too far. And the only thing that makes this news palatable is when you check your calendar and see what today's date is (You can go back to enjoying your day now).