Green Envy: What Kings fans said - 3/14/19

The Celtics come back from two double-digit deficits and take care of business against the Sacramento Kings at home. A few takeaways - Kings fans anticipate their team blowing a big lead like they do the sun coming up, and our friends in Sacramento do not appreciate our guy Aron Baynes the way we do.

Top Three:

Are we sure that the Monstars haven’t got their hands on Bogi’s game?

The crowd shots at Boston games will haunt my dreams

Jaylen sucks terribly, another reminder for people who want him.
He looks very stiff for a guard, like a forward trapped in a guards body

All of Australia:

Aron Baynes is a thug, he's been clearing out in the paint by hitting people in the face

Baynes only sets illegal screens

Baynes is such a butthole

Shut up Banes! Boogie should've punch your face in.

Aron Baynes is a clown!!! 🤡🤡

Baynes is such a pissy ***fill in the blank*** for a scary looking guy

Full Slate:

Can the Kings take down the Boston Celtics and get one game closer to getting into the playoffs? Will the Kings lose this game and find themselves in a sticky situation just like the Boston Molasses Disaster in 1919? Will Bogi get dad dicked by Tatum again? Find out on this episode of Sacramento Kings: Road to the playoffs, coming up next!

the celtics want the kings to win tonight

all the celtics fans with kyrie jerseys gonna feel so stupid this summer

Dont need to guard Morris that hard. He's been ass cheeks shooting wise

We *effed* them up in a span of 2 minutes. Incredible. Lol

Can anybody tell me why Bagley waiting at corner when he plays with Giles almost %90 ?

We are... quite good with Marvin

Dude that Hayward drive was hideous. Super slow and then blew the layup

Bagley brings energy to the entire team! Don't even care about the offensive foul he got. He's making the whole team play with fire!

Never noticed those gigantic rivets in the parquet, that’s weird

When the kings are just feeling themselves it's legit a 5 man attack. Everyone just chipping in

We will win easily if Celtics keep taking long 2s like that, literally the least efficient offense method ever.

Starting off with a good first quarter? That can only mean we’re gonna give up 40 in the 2nd quarter

Bogdon just got ruined, my god. Hayward made him his bitch that possession.

why are both the Morris twins so unlikeable

No 3rd quarter collapse please

Marcus Smart going to shit himself doing that one time

Wasn't Buddy on fire? At what point do you put your top scorer back in?

Man I hate Boston crowd and their pre-recorded crowd noise

This is getting sloppy fast

That escalated quickly!!!!!!

Classic 3rd quarter collapse

40 points allowed in paint. Wow.

When did Klay Thompson join the Celtics?

Jaylen hitting 3 threes in a row for the first time in his life.

WHY IS BOGI EVEN IN THE GAME? If he calls another ISO I might put my remote through my TV

Why is Buddy guarding Kyrie lol. Hes getting cooked
He's the best defender of our team?
Kyrie cooks everyone

Hayward got one of those “I wanna hit you in the face” faces

I think our team's primary problem is that we live and die on streaky shooting. All of our scorers have hot and cold tendency's so we can't ever play a consistent 48 minutes.

Whistles have all but disappeared for us this second half

WCS is worth less than a plastic bag

8/16 from ft line is terrible, who are we? Lakers?

Games over. I know this story. We come back and lose at the end

Blowing double digit leads twice in one game is honestly ridiculous.

I forgot we haven’t learned still how to blow a team out. Get up twice by double digits and blow it. Still, after doing it so many times...

Hopefully the kings sign Jonas Valanciunas or Nikola Vucevic next yr..
I’ll take a 61 yr old Bill Cartwright at this point.

We blow another double digit lead. Surprise ?

I wonder if there will ever come a day when we hold a lead

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