Pels fire Dell Demps in latest twist to the AD2BOS adventure

The New Orleans Pelicans have fired General Manager Dell Demps.

Evidently furious with how the situation revolving around Anthony Davis' trade request has gone, or at very least the star getting "injured" (scare quotes due to the fact many are questioning whether the injury was real, or made up to prevent an actual one) in play during last night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, which the Pels won despite Davis' early exit.

What does all this mean for the Boston Celtics? Quite possibly, very little. It seems very unlikely any rancor earned by the Los Angeles Lakers heavy-handed machinations will be viewed differently by Gayle Benson and the rest of the ownership group, and the team likely will retain similar goals of asset enrichment in a small market, meaning whoever they select to replace Demps will also want the best haul available.

It's far too early to tell who might be on the docket to replace Dell, but at least for now, the situation for Boston remains largely the same - a waiting game.

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