Jayson Tatum predicts the Boston Celtics will win this year's NBA Championship

Tatum also opened up on hearing his name in trade rumors:

“Everybody’s looking at their phone,” Tatum recalled. “There’s a lot of media talk, rumors and things like that. It’s kinda hard to know what to believe. I try to block out outside noise as much as possible.”

“You start to understand that this is a business,” Tatum said. “I play basketball and I just got to control what I can control. I love being on the Celtics. I want to be there my whole career.”

Hopefully Tatum and Kyrie can lead the Celtics to a championship this season and if we trade for Anthony Davis, he'd be joining that duo in Boston. Then we can start discussing the better recent Celtics Big 3: KG, Pierce and Ray or AD, Tatum, and Kyrie?