Green Envy: What 76er fans said, 2/12

After two of their most disappointing losses, the Boston Celtics bounced back in a big way with a 112-109 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on TNT. Without Kyrie Irving (right knee strain), the C's hustled their way to a much needed win. Al Horford had an incredible performance on both ends of the floor, and Gordon Hayward scored 26 points off the bench. Philly has hands down the worst fans in the world, and they were none too pleased about losing to Boston AGAIN. Lets see what they had to say!


Kyrie's out cuz he fell off the edge of the flat fucking earth he lives on.

Swear to God if we blow this one I'm gonna off myself (Optimism is sky high heading into the matchup)

Ben for 3 tonight, i can feel it! (Keep dreaming, brother)

I’m pretty sure it’s players only tonight so I’ll probably kill my self. (#EndPLayersOnly)


Did I just hear a fucking cheer for that Celts bucket?

TBH I’ve only recently been getting into basketball beyond just playoffs and man Boston is so easy to hate

Kendall isn't court side this a real test now

Why are we Boston’s bitch? WHY?

Any chance we actually grab some rebounds

Red jerseys again? Feel like we’re wearing them a lot lately even though they’re our ugliest

We all need this W so badly, from a psychological standpoint

Horford frustrated early. I like it


Has Marcus Morris ever missed a shot

I see Embiid is in full press mode again. Jesus man. Just relax.

I'm sorry. But I don't want to hear these are the best rotations when Korkmaz enters the game 5 minutes into the first quarter.

Celtics D is always legit, not just against Sixers

Bobi and Tobi is our best PnR pair

We could have Michael Jordan on this team and still struggle against the Celtics.

Ben really is shooting with the wrong hand bro he has absolutely zero touch, everything is just chucked up there

We’re getting embarrassed out there and the crowd is antsy as hell

Ben go to the rim please, stop shooting those fadeaway bricks. Well, not even bricks.

There is literally 0 point in playing Ben vs the celtics, he offers nothing at all (Boy Philly fans turn on their players quickly)

Damn I didnt take Morris in the "which career journeyman will have the game of his life against the Sixers?" pool. (Quit acting like Morris hasn't been a stud all year long)

God damn we always play at the Celtics pace against them and don't play our own game. Games like this we need to focus on forcing turnovers and running, and playing through Jimmy in the half court. Embiid is ass against Horford and when he isn't efficient the offense can't go through him.

Are we really going to let Hayward score double digits on us? He’s fucking garbage (uncultured)

You think we’d be fired up to play against the Cuntics when they don’t have their best player but I guess a win against Boston was too much to ask for.

I'm convinced the celtics could start the bruins against us and we'd still only shoot 40% from the field. I hate boston so much

Celtics are just getting to their spots and shooting. Seems like we’re overthinking these sets and throwing up difficult shots.

Celtics always feast against Brett Brown

Offense playing like shit against the Celtics and Brett waving his arm like a third base coach. Name a more iconic duo.

Boston can't even hold a 28 point lead for a quarter against the Clippers, it's fine. Sky isn't falling just because we are down 5 in the 1st come on now (Too soon, bro)

I'm annoyed by how many offensive rebounds they are getting

Horford taking Embiid’s lunch money.


Were loose with the ball, not getting the 50/50 balls and not finding the open man

We are passing like a bunch of drunks

IDK why we all get pumped for Celtics games. they clogs passing lanes and force stupid turnovers. same old boring, frustrating shit

Is it me or do we have way too many players on our team who love leaving their feet without any inclination of what they're going to do with the ball?

I get what Boston's doing. Since Ben can't shoot, screening with him is no good. They're cheating the screen and doubling Reddick.

People need to stop saying we’re gonna win this game. Being overly cocky doesn’t help anyone and we never play well against Boston even if we’re playing their g league team. (Let's not pretend that anything said on this Reddit thread is going to actually effect the outcome of the game...)

We’re not beating Boston until Ben Simmons improves, simple as that. We’re still not ready

This might be the worst passing half of the year...that's the difference right now in my opinion

Didn’t realize Horford owned this much real estate in Embiids head (He's got two timeshares and a duplex)

Can someone explain to me how boston is able to get so many open 3's? it seems like on the sixers end the offense is basically hand the ball of to jj off a dribble hand off or post embiid. lets start running some pick and rolls to get butler and harris into some mismatches man.


Why is everyone so surprised. I'm sincerely so confused. Am I overrating Boston? Every single person I've talked to about Boston this week said they're the team to beat in the east, and I can't wrap my mind around it. I can't comprehend it. They're so mentally weak. Like yeah we have our Bobi and Tobi (which I still think everyone underrated) but what fucking right minded Philly fan shakes in their boots over this Boston team. Don't give me that "I'm an NBA fan too" bullshit. Boston doesn't deserve that respect (Says the team that got bounced 4-1 by Boston in the playoffs last year..)

We always play down to our competition (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

WOW. This is a nice run to start the half.

Tatum absolutely destroyed Ben there.

Tatum super baptized Jo and Ben

We are getting shots, but missing...

This lineup was dumb to use considering tobias hasnt been able to hit a barn door today

Man refs swallow whistles in boston games, for both sides but it always tends to favor them in the end it seems since thats their style

Old man Horford taking off the Forest Gump knee brace

I dont even care how it looks just win

Ben has to be just afraid of Smart. How do we not attack mismatches? Where is PnR to get Smart on Embiid??

Why does Embiid play bad against the Celtics

Embiid has looked bad bad offensively this game. Even that Euro step was so off balance.

Our bench has 17. Hayward has 16. Thats an issue.

Horford is ruining Embiid

I think the real reason why we struggle against Boston is simple. They can shut down Embiid and Simmons. Until they figure it out against this team, we are going to struggle regardless of how many stars we add. (Top notch analysis)

I get that we have bandwagon fans because we’re good now, but how are they the most negative about the team? Like if you literally don’t care about them enough to watch when we’re bad, why get so mad when we’re supposed to be good? (Ain't nobody trying to join a bandwagon that goes through Philly)

Hayward is 4/5 from 3 and Horford is 3/5. I mean.... Stop letting them take open 3s

Embiid giving Horford 20 feet of space can't be the solution. If Embiid can't hang with Horford on offense or defense, either he can't be on the floor, or the defensive scheme has to be changed.

I really dont wanna see these guys in the playoffs. It's not that they're better than Toronto or Milwaukee because theyre not. I just dont wanna watch them this closely for a full series

Hayward will not miss. What year will we beat the Celtics because its clear Kyrie doesnt mean anything.

Redick's defense and Embiid's offense are pretty much winning the game for Boston.

I'm not gonna lie though that Tatum dunk earlier was disgusting (Welcome to the Dark Side)

I am giving up watching games against the Celtics forever. I can't do it anymore.

Things can obviously change, but damn right now I'm happy I didnt drop $150 for nosebleeds to watch this.

Down 6 in the 4th playing at the Celtics slow ass pace, and we take 22 seconds dribbling around for a Joel 30 footer. Just ridiculous

Why does Hayward keep getting wide open lmfao

It might be frustrating watching Embiid brick shots at the top of the key at times, but you know what's even more frustrating? Having Embiid try to work in the post and have 4 spectators outside the perimeter just standing there. Nobody cut, nobody moved, nothing. It happened the last time he was in the post, and it definitely wasn't the only time this game.

These refs dude. Give me a break

Whatever ends up happening through the regular season, they need to figure out a way to hide jj and tj when they are on the floor cuz teams like this will pick them apart in the postseason when they gameplay for this team.

They’re getting all the bounces tonight. It happens. We’re not playing with enough energy though. They’re trying to avoid dropping 3 straight and it looks like they want it more

Nothing about this has been fun

This game is all on our defense. Our best defensive stand is what the Celtics show on every single play.

Where is Harris with the threes tonight? Why did we acquire him for Embiid to be our go-to 3 pt shooter???

We leave every single person wide open for three I swear

We're guarding the post so hard, and giving up so many open threes.

Steven's is so good at exposing match ups.

Butler makes like 40 FT's in a row and then misses 3 tonight.

Jimmy is BLOWING it at the line. Cmon man. MAKE THEM.

Oh my god how is that not a foul on Joel?

Giving Boston a free timeout off of a turnover. Nice

We ain't winning shit while brett is here and Stevens/Horford are in Boston. They own us

If you thought these refs were gonna call a jump ball in that spot you havent watched Celtics basketball for the last 50 years.

Yeah. Let’s get a 2 with 2 seconds left. IQ off the charts there Jo

Come on Embiid you gotta be smarter than that

Brett had a really bad game tonight. Horrible rotations that cost us the game. Way too many minutes for Furkan in the first half.

0-3 against Boston 1-3 against Toronto 0-1 against Milwaukee. Get it together or we're gonna be a second round exit once again

What a terrible loss. Glad Joel saved his last foul and didn’t foul smart on that drive

I'm depressed

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