Danny Ainge inquiring about young players prior to deadline - WHY?

The Knicks really got something going with the trade of their star player, Kristaps Porzingis. And now that ESPN reports that Danny Ainge is scanning the League, inquiring about various young players, more fuel is added to an already hot inferno. We have now reached the point where virtually every NBA team that feels that have a firm hold on their stars, regardless of long-term contract, may be delusional.

This is like the NBA's version of Bop-A-Mole. If you don't strike quickly, the mole (NBA star) is gone - and it's too late. It also helps if you know where the mole will pop up next - be proactive. That may be what Danny Ainge is doing (per ESPN's Brian Windhorst):

Boston is investigating the asking price of a few intriguing young players around the league, perhaps with an eye on acquiring more of New Orleans' preferred trade chips, sources tell ESPN. That could simply be due diligence or the groundwork for something big in the near future.

I am still not convinced that Ainge trading for Anthony Davis prior to the deadline is a dead issue. In a previous article, I maintained that the NBA had already sanctioned the signing of two Designated players when the League only allowed one:

But in a previous article, I argued that the NBA had already violated its own Rule by allowing, and sanctioning, The Oklahoma City Thunder to sign two of their players, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, to Designated Player deals when the League only allowed one at that time. The League set a precedent by allowing a violation of its own Rule. That would be an argument by Celtics boss, Danny Ainge, if he truly wanted to pursue Davis prior to February 7.

Maybe Danny, if he is inclined, should test the Rose Rule and try to use logic in any arguments with the NBA. One such argument is that even though Boston is a middle-of-the-road Market, it is one of the most-successful and stable franchises in sports history. That is hardly a weak argument.

And due to such general instability in the present NBA, I am not totally buying that Kyrie Irving wants to stay here. He may be sincere right now, but things may change by July 1st, and the NBA landscape could look totally different - and so could Kyrie's mind. That is why I advise people not to buy a retirement property too early in their lives. They will be a different person come retirement time. There is an analogy there.

So why is Danny eyeing young talent around the League. It's anyone guess, but he has six days to decide a major portion of the Irving saga. Should Danny trade him while he is assured of getting something of value in return. Or he could be looking at talent that would be of value to New Orleans if they trade Anthony Davis. We don't live in a stable universe, and we no longer have a stable player situation in the League.

So do the Celtics get AD first and keep his friend, Kyrie? Or do they lock in Irving, and then go after Davis? Or does Danny say the Hell with it and go for AD in the next six days, Rose Rule be damned. Or does he sit tight with his current crew - no major trades prior to February 7th or in the summer. We will keep readers informed.

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Photo via Frank O'Brien/Boston Globe