Watch: player highlights vs Orlando Magic, 1/12

This might not be the road trip to Florida we wanted, but there were, at least, a few bright spots.

One of those bright spots was the improved play of Jayson Tatum, who has been playing more like himself after something of a slump to start off 2019 (Reader Dave Mason snapped the photo above during shootaround before the game).

Another was Marcus Morris Sr., who logged 17 points and eight boards on the evening after a kerfuffle with Jaylen Brown vs. the Miami Heat.

Brown did not have a bad night either on the offensive end of the court, putting up an efficient 13 points on five-of-nine shooting, two of three from deep.

And Kyrie Irving had an excellent night despite the L, logging an impressive 25 points, six assists, and five boards - though you wouldn't know it by his post-game comments.

That's what I could dig up from the positivity pile, folks. I'm trying not to get too cranky about very avoidable losses like this, but like many of you, my patience is wearing out. Here's to a road win vs. the Brooklyn Nets this Monday evening - hopefully I won't have to rely on the hard work of Timi Kordylewski to stay positive about this team.

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Image: Dave Mason; video: Boston Celtics, Tomasz Kordylewski
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