Was I wrong about the Celtics Quality Quartet bench?

I actually wrote about the Celtics Quality Quartet bench recently. I felt having a bench with Gordon Hayward, Jaylen brown, Terry Rozier and Daniel Theis was a luxury. And I still feel that way. The talent of the foursome is undeniable. But their mindset is up for grabs. Look at the tweet below:

Rob Williams gets a pass on this one. He was only on the court for a couple of minutes. But look at the numbers for the starters and then at the bench stats. Pretty graphic - and tragic. The season is half-over - the team sits at #5 in the East - the team can't get enough guys to play well enough in the same game to get a win - T-Ro just can't seem to find the roll man - Starter Tatum often does his best Kobe impression, when it is ill-advised - Gordon has had trouble linking several good games together, and the same can be said for Brown - and Theis has the occasional dud.

Brad has to get his team on track within the next few weeks, or Danny Ainge will pull the trigger on a trade if the right one presents itself. Kyrie is right. If the youngsters think things are tough and not going their way now, how about the extremely intense post-season? As it sits right now, the Celtics will be destroyed.

So before my readers assemble a lynch mob (my sense of humor), I still feel that bench-foursome has it in them to go all the way. I am only talking physical tools and talent here - not mind-set. If the youngsters' mindsets remain unchanged, we can kiss this season goodbye. An alternate solution is for Brad to take control - hurt some feelings - and go with combos that win games. The third alternative is a trade prior to the deadline.

Fifth seed is not what was expected of this group. Celtics players are getting testy, and so are Celtics fans. It is 25 days to the Trade Deadline (February 7 at 3:00 PM ET). So what do our readers think. Let us know in my poll or via comment.

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Photo via Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images