The Time Lord momentarily leaves the bench for another dimension

Tom Westerholm's tweet is just too funny not to share. We know there are four dimensions - length, height, depth and space-time. Physicists argue that there are actually 10 dimensions - nine of space and one of time. Well, in the tweet photo, we can argue that the Time Lord, Rob Williams, is not ignoring Brad Wanamaker - he simply isn't there - having left the building and traveled to a parallel universe. By his look, he certainly is not present on the bench.

I have my own theory. We know that time passes faster the further away you are from the earth (gravity). From the photo below, we can assume that at Rob's altitude, his time-frame is ahead of Wanamaker's, and the Time Lord is actually out on the court blocking shots, while Wanamaker's earth-bound, slower time-frame has him back on the bench talking to no one.

Other dimensions can be frightening, and we can only hope Rob's other-worldly destination had none of H. G. Wells' Morlocks, as experienced by The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon. Earth to Time Lord - come in please!

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Photo via Twitter
Video via tibiajax