How to be the ultimate Celtics fan

There are those in this world that enjoy basketball, as a hobby. Some go a step further and have a favorite team that they like. Then there are those who sleep, eat, drink, and breathe the game, supporting their team come rain or shine. Ask any team about what motivates them before every game, and they will always state how the one thing that matter is that they don’t disappoint their fans.

Playing for a team is a whole different ball game than being its fan. To be a Celtics fan on top of that is a matter of great responsibility and passion. Nothing means more than supporting the team through difficult times, like in the present season when health issues have kept many players off the court. It takes a special something to back the Celtics, and fans should pitch in by showing their love for the team through any way possible. Moreover, being a Celtics fan is about the love for the game, and sometimes appreciating basketball is as good as encouraging the team.


The ideal way to show your love for the Celtics is through memorabilia and paraphernalia. Be it a jersey of your favorite player, a shot-glass, or just a towel in the colours of the team; fans experience a sense of attachment whenever they have something that reminds them of their favourite squad. The Celtics have entered 2019 having suffered a few disappointments, but nothing will encourage them more than a sea of green filling up the stadiums during their next game. Furthermore, team clothing makes for excellent gifts, are a style statement, and shows the kind of confidence that every fan should possess.


Supporting the Celtics doesn’t always have to be about the team. It can be about enjoying the game of basketball. An excellent way to do that, and earn a little something extra that can help you buy game tickets, is online slots, especially the game Basketball Star. Before playing the slot, it’s crucial to pick the right online casino, and look here for a recommended one. With a lucrative joining bonus, mobile app, and rewards for long-time customers, playing Basketball Star on Dunder is a profitable proposition. The game itself features classic basketball symbols that Celtic fans can relate to and comes with 243 ways to win technology. However, with the crowds cheering in the background it is the rolling reels feature in addition to other bonuses that make this the definitive choice for the ultimate fan.

Live Games

Everything else aside, the thrill of attending a live game of the Celtics is a dream come true for any fan. From the first moment when you hold the tickets till actually driving to the stadium, a mix of emotions run through the body. The energy that surges through the stands is electric, and there is no doubt that players love to hear fans chant and scream every time they score a basket or defend an attack.

A true fan is one who stays abreast with the team. The ultimate fan will read about the players, and not just take an interest in the games but also what goes on with the players and the management. In the end, it is about being there, just being one with the team and letting them know that the team and you are one entity.