Green Envy: What Pacers fans said - 1/9/19

The Boston Celtics are starting to look more and more like the team we envisioned before this season began. Tonight's win marks their 4th-straight convincing victory as they throttled the Indiana Pacers at the Garden, 135-108. Myles Turner did miss the game for the Pacers (don't worry, they'll remind you several times below), but a near 30-point beat-down against the team just ahead of you in the standings is always good for business.

Top Three:

Glad to see Myles back in the lineup. I really really want this one. I feel like we need to beat a good team
He just got ruled out
Fuuuuck...I'd be surprised if we win then

I appreciate O'Quinn's aggressiveness. Alas, Horford is too good for his shenanigans.

This game is pointless to watch when they can get away with shit like that
Marcus Morris getting away with one travel did not cause us to be down 20.

Fun facts about Tyreke Evans:

Tyreke nice trey

Tyreke Evans will save us in the second half, for his is a Golden God, and my father, and good at many things.

Tyreke Evans is what James Harden wishes he was

Tyreke probably has a great morning routine. That beard is always perfect.

Tyreke belongs right between Miller and Manning on Indy’s mt. Rushmore of athletes.

Tyreke is the best pacer since Jamal Tinsley.

I inject lean directly into my bloodstream to fit into tyrekes daily routine, perks my jumpshot right up

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Ok, Pacers! I've been putting in WERK since I got home from work, cleaning my house that's been a shit hole since Christmas. Your turn!!

honest question. Vegas has pacers at +7 and im unsure why.
Myles is out, and our D has been booty cheeks since

I wish to never see a Thad Young iso post-up ever again.
The Nate McMillan we need a bucket play that will never die.


The last three or four Pacers offensive possessions would be amazing with Yakkity Sax set to them.

About to watch, what’s happening so far?
Jayson Tatum.

Wonder how often foreign players curse in their native language and get T’d up because of it

At least Philly is also losing by 15 points.
Sadly, that actually does help a little.

Diet Baja Blast is not news. They’ve had it for as long as I can remember.
According to the Mountain Dew Wiki, Diet Baja Blast was initially discontinued/replaced in 2015 and was recently brought back in late 2018.

I feel like the players are tired... Especially Oladipo

They're playing like they played last night. Which they did.

Tatum is killing us

Tyreke actually got open on that move...then passed it away

We should really just let Dougie shoot every possession this game.

I love McDermott but it seems like anyone can drive past him

Wow, that is some bandage on Baynes

A guy named Jayson is burning us smh...
I mean he burned LeBron James
Yeah I know he's good, it's just his name. Like idk...why?

Tatum vs. Collison is the new LeBron vs. Teague

They just doing whatever they feel like to us. Makes you realize how important Myles is smh

Our offense looks poopy

Can we kidnap Brad Stevens after the game?

Tatum going god mode is not good for us

we are getting dicked down by Marcus Morris

They’re called FREE throws. Start hitting them.

We need another all star caliber player if we ever want to make it to the eastern conference finals. I don’t know about you but I am ready for a championship.
I'm not quite there yet. Give me a few years before I'm ready for a championship.

i gotta hold my breath everytime domas dribbles down the lane

I wouldn’t care if we traded tyreke for 1-29 protected 2nd rounder

I think MJ would've won more titles if he had tyreke instead of pippen

Marcus Morris is good
...At shoving off his defender before shooting
No he is just good

Who wins? A team of 5 Tyrekes with Fatigue off or last years West All-stars?

Diet Baja blast is great news.
I guess if you want to speed along the colon cleanse...

I think we should trade tj leaf for kyrie and Brad Stevens.

Pacers on some real 2nd level thinking here. Vic and Myles getting some decent rest during the regular season. Celts running guys like Kyrie into the ground while Myles chills on the bench. Checkers < 4d underwater mousetrap Having somebody within fifteen feet of the opponent shooting the three would be a plus, I think. Maybe the coaches could put that into the scheme. Eh. Maybe we're really not that good after all. Boo. Could this possibly get more demoralizing | only if the entire celtics lineup starts flossing at halfcourt
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