Green Envy: What Nets fans said - 1/28/19

It was a Brooklyn Nets Monday yet again for the Celtics (the 3rd matchup in Janaury) and the C's found themselves on the right side of a block party at the Garden. Kyrie Irving watched from the bench as the Celtics stretched out several big leads, then squandered them, only to win convincingly at the end. In a game of ebbs and flows we may have seen the rise of a potential Nets legend, Mitch Creek.

Top Three:

Don't see a W tonight. We need a miracle.

How many times is Napier gonna get blocked by Baynes before he stops going for that layup?

Mitch Creek for AD who says no?
That's a steal for NOLA
We’d be getting fleeced if we gave up Creek

The Creek Freak:

U heard it here 1st. Mitch Creek breakout game.

NBA app still doesn’t have Creek in the box score...

hey, a 10-0 run, but why is Creek coming in and not Theo?
Cause he is the messiah

Where can I get a Mitch Creek jersey?

I know this is a small sample size but Mitch Creek > RHJ?
anyone > RHJ

Creek with the God Tier +1 in 6 minutes. Future HOF



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I'm ready for a close game, a grind, a battle for the ages. Let's get this W and show baaahstin where Brooklyn at.

Marcus Smart was clowning us last game. Maybe Boston will relax expecting an easy night and we can capitalize.

Celtics, we are here to smack you.

l Horford with the zero personality.

D'Lo's one of the worst finishers in the league for a guy who plays his number of minutes. Huge liability.

lol we aint winning

Some of those blocks that half were fouls but whatever. Our team doesn't have that type of star power

These weak attempts at the rim and embarrassing unforced errors are infuriating to watch.

Baynes is a bugger

any team but Boston in the playoffs ty

This looks like the pre January nets team

RHJ at the half: 0-5, -11.... and somehow looked worse than that

Celtics fans are just so dumb.

They don't have a big enough lead for me to be uncomfortable, i feel confident we can win

Proud that our team keeps driving the lane despite getting blocked so much lol

Shabazz "last option is to pass" Napier

I ducking hate Smart

not a single guy playing well, that usually doesn't result in anything good

Da fuck is this baynes dude anyways??
some Aussie dude

Did the Celtics just pump in crowd noise?
Yea I heard that too
We used to do that at games but I wouldn’t expect it from Boston.

This group never quits. Love it.

Shabazzle Dazzle

Aron Baynes is kinda ugly

I hate Aron Baynes and his stupid ass man bun

No lead is safe when the Nets play. Theirs and ours

I hope DLo channels his inner Dinwiddie and goes full super saiyan

I wonder who’s gonna want to come here knowing they’ll get benched in the 4th when the game is still winnable and they’re the best player on the team

Kenny atkinson needs to go i’ve seen enough.
Find another coach to reach playoff spot with a team of g-leaguers and I'll agree

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