Green Envy: What Heat fans said - 1/21/19

The Celtics stretched out a few big leads last night against Miami, but the Heat made a few comebacks before ultimately coming up short in the end. Heats fans are feeling some kind of way about their 2x NBA Champion head coach, Eric Spoelstra. And we check in with our boy Kelly Olynyk to see how he's faring down in South Beach!

Top Three:

Horford is Walmart Tim Duncan

My gf literally won’t let me turn this off no matter how much I beg. I’m about to end it with her just to stop watching this shit

I complain about heat fans sometimes but I don’t realize how blessed we are. Those Celtics fans brees toxicity. Probably cause it’s cold as fuck up there

Where In the World is Kelly Olynyk:

The return of KO, rising from the ashes.

Kelly out the rotation lmao. Keep telling me how he's in our best line-ups and how he's our best player though please.

KO revenge game is about to happen.
It's already happening. He has yet to miss a shot!

KO making $12mil and getting a DNP

Man KO doesn’t see the floor all night and we down 20
We’ll be down 30 if he played.

I hope KO never plays again.

So glad KO got banished to the shadow realm

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It's feeding time. Let's GO BEASTSIDE!

Here we go... :(

I see Dion's trash defense is creating issues stopping them. That's going to dunk us in the fourth if he's still playing or doesn't play better defense.

Irving has that hall of famer flashy passer tonight

Come on guys, who doesn’t love watching waiters and wade chuck all quarter

How many more games of watching this shit starting lineup struggle will we have to endure

Damn is Scalabrine a homer. Wanting a replay on a out of bounds decision in the first quarter

I see we got the same refs as the pats game last night

Imagine if hayward signed with us two summers ago, he wouldve been the star he was in utah

“Dion will play on the teams terms not his terms” look at the score dumbass Spo the team needs him. Lmfao what a moron.

here is an idea for pat, fire spo
And hire who? Spo is a top 5 coach. He will have a job within seconds of being fired. You better have a damn good plan

SpO iS tHE bEst CoAcH iN tHe NBA

spo was gifted big 3 my grandmother could have won with big 3 ray battier miller come on man
Spo won a championship without Ray, and Miller was never healthy enough to keep his shoes on. Battier? Yeah. Noted power forward Shane Battier.

watching this Heat team reminds me of a quote by Daryl Morey. "The teams that find the Chandler Parsons, not the ones that pay them the max, are the ones that succeed long term"

are starters are killing us
Yeah, Winslow has ZERO points; never start him again!

Good D by Winslow on Morris who's totally not on PEDs

Check that elite dion defense. Let smart blow right past him.

Why has Boston underwhelmed this season? Is Hayward dragging them down from last season?
similar to how we haven’t been able to reproduce 30-11. But I do think Boston will be in ECF when it’s all said and done. They will turn it on

Jaylen is really bad this year damn
And scary Terry ain't scary no more

What alternate universe does jj live in where he thinks he’s Lebron?

I really don't know how on earth Smart didn't get suspended for charging on Bembry, this league makes some baffling decisions sometimes
League wants Boston to get a high seed in the playoffs so we can get a kyrie lebron finals

Start the half tied at 50. Down by 15 halfway through the third

Vs the Bulls we set a Heat record for shooting in the 4th qtr. We are going to need a huge heaping of that tonight
thats vs shtty bulls aint happening vs celts man this coach i swear

Has Winslow been guarded that well, or has he just decided he doesn't want to add to the scoring this game?

Marcus Morris is on a 5 mil contract and is one of like 6 gifted offensive players on the celtics, he would be the 2nd best scorer on our team. Meanwhile we're paying a bunch of guys 10 mil each to struggle to score 10 points.

Amazing comeback!
if spo would play right guys comeback would not be needed

Celts just subbed 5 guys at once! I guess they don’t tolerate losing big leads.
What a concept

Our bench is legitimately better than our starters.

too much to overcome had to be perfect got close too much kyrie
Yeah, Kyrie went killer mode

starters outscored 84-34 wow

One team has 8 guys who can score and the other relies on Tyler Johnson coming off screens.

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