CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title results - January 21, 2019

First of all, thanks to David Anthopoulos for finding my error that dropped him one place in the standings. That is integrity. Do not trust my numbers. This contest requires significant time on my part, and there will be errors. Please verify my figures and let me know of mistakes.

The Celtics scored 107 points in the win over the Heat, and Abacus Reveals won with 109. There was a 3-way tie for second place between Andrew, CelticsKY and Kostassyn. Third place went to Nopelovic. Results are below:

1 Tiago Jesus 42
2 David Anthopoulos 41
3 CelticsKY 31
4 Forever_green 30
5 Afonzo Moucho 28
6 Dylan Dobson 27
6 Yung Kwan 27
6 DimitriusUK 27
7 Nopelovic 26
8 Red Brooks 24
9 land shark 23
9 Rondeezy 23
10 Chief_00 21
11 Rajon Rondo Indonesia 20
11 Andrew 20
12 Abacus Reveals 18
13 Kreyons 11
14 kostassyn 10
15 Andre Moreira Lima 9
15 Darthdoogh 9
16 Ismael Hasan 6
17 Michael Costa 5
18 Daddiorick 3
18 Caio Marques 3
19 Zaj 2
20 CelticsNextGeneration 1

The guys in green battle the Cavaliers tonight, and we are going with total points scored by Boston. But you can pick up an extra three points by naming the second-high scorer (Kyrie Irving is often the high man), and get three more points if you get the 2nd-high-man's point total exactly. Ex: Jayson Tatum scores 25 points as 2nd-highest scorer. You get three points if you name him as such. You get three more if you nail the 25 points. But you still get three points if you named wrongly Jaylen Brown 2nd-highest (no points on that), but you guessed the point total (25) correctly. Hope I made it clear.

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Photo via Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images