Green Envy: What Grizzlies fans said - 1/18/19

The Celtics looked primed to run away with this one early but the Grizzlies fought back in a strange game of runs that still ended with Boston in control late. Kyrie had another big night on the offensive end and Marcus Smart was molten hot from the outside. The Grizzlies fans gave us a lackluster effort in the commentary department, but it's hard to blame them for their waning interest after losing 10 of their last 11 games.

Top Three:

Any truth to the rumor Grizzlies are considering relocating to Edminton?

Tonight’s the first night in seemingly eons where our offense is putting up acceptable numbers. If we could just keep it up
narrator voice They did not.

I actually took the Grizzlies +11 today thinking that the Celtics drama would cause them to win a close one. My bad.

Halftime Victory:

Now.. if only we could skip the third quarter

16 point 3rd quarter incoming

anyone have stats on the 3rd quarter? we might be the worst ever

OK, it's been fun, let's pretend this game is over!

Full Slate:

I’m ready for Jevon to rip kyrie

And so it begins
Immediate shit stain

Good lord that was quick

this is just disgusting. pisses me off how fucking good this team can be if EVERYONE. IS. ON. BOARD.
Almost like every team in the league could be good if everyone was on board all the time

Who gives up 19 points in 3 minutes?

refs are terrible on both ends wow the NBA has turned into a soft league..


Mack unleashed what the fuck am I watching. Can we hire kyrie to shit talk him before every game so he always plays like this?

so what is Kyrie gonna say tonight? If they keep losing he might run out of material.

we would give up a 20 point game to Marcus smart

that was the funniest JJJ sequence i've ever seen, shot while sitting then a completely botched alley oop

I know it’s hard but it’s time to trade Conley and Gasol and cut everyone else except JJ and Anderson

Noah reminds me of Animal from the muppets! That should be his nickname!

Im Beyond Sick & Tired of the referees and the NBA NEVER respecting the Grizzlies and calling the games FAIR.. Because we're a small market!! We might as well not play!!! Just not right at All!!!

Trade Gasol and Conley to contenders. Idk where but they deserve it

Disappointed but not surprised

way to play for your dignity in the last minute knowing your going to lose.

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