Green Envy: What Cavs fans said - 1/23/19

The Cleveland Cavaliers rolled into the TD Garden last night, only to get rolled over by Terry Rozier and the hospital Celtics. Rozier returned to form as Scary Terry, hitting his first 8 shots on the night as he absolutely dismantled both Colin Sexton and Cameron Payne in the Cavs back-court. Cleveland finds themselves the current front-runners for the best odds in the Draft Lottery this offseason; although, they've got themselves some stiff competition nipping at their heels for the title of the NBA's worst. Al Horford and Kyrie Irving both missed the game due to regular rest and the flu respectively, and while the tin foil brigade of Cavs fans has them ducking the NBA's current bottom-feeders, I think we all know that's not that case.

Top Three:

Our offense is just Hot-Potato, whoever gets the ball last is the unlucky guy forced to take a contested shot maker and ruin their stats.

Alright we got within 12
I had better runs in my shorts

I really, really, really hope that we get top 2 pick this year. Because if we don't, this suffer would be for nothing.

Some Unwarranted Optimism Early:

Will be our 10th win.

Sexton is gonna drop 30... mark my words

This team is slightly better than the Brooklyn Nets

Ante revenge game incoming

Full Slate:

forced to watch the celtics feed. did Heinsohn finally kick the bucket? thought he still did home games.

I can't watch the game. Tell me, who's guarding Rozier? Sexton?

Rozier getting payback for Game 7

Boston isn’t coming out of the East, even with Kyrie’s heroics. Teams like Toronto and Milwaukee especially would just dismantle them.


Damn Zizic where that been?

Just started watching in time for that Zizic dunk, is Kyrie playing?
No, flu symptoms
Don’t listen to them. He’s shook.

Hood is so trash
He’s good like once every 20 games

We out here running Rodney Hood ISO’s

Can we just fire Larry Drew and hire ANYBODY who actually cares ?

This really feels like the low point of the season

Am I the only one who heard that high pitched scream when Cedi is open?

Love looking dapper on da bench

Damn Hayward is always so out of control on his drives. He shouldn't get those calls.

love that they have a guy on the team with the nickname timelord

Sexton is so bad. Sucks.
the thing is, he seems to actually be getting worse. is that possible?

Baynes got a cracked walnut

Baynes is pissed at Sexton for kneeing him in the nethers

Marcus Smart is an annoyance

Second half is ours...Don’t hold me to that

Today in random bench guy who is torching Collin Sexton: Terry Rozier.

big ol’ dorky Zizic is doing alright

Only down 12 after 3 is not a bad place to be.
yea, not bad. considering the Celtics are without Kyrie and Horford ( although Horford no big loss )
He’s scared to play against us now.
Both of them, lol. Maybe Horford didn’t get the memo TT was out

Hood is failing his audition for the trade deadline teams. What a terrible stat line.
He’s terrible, can we just give him to a team for free…I am tired of watching him

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