World B. & Jellybean have taken over the NBA

OK, Coach, if your boys have demonstrated the capability to make one-third of their three-point attempts, should they have your blessing to take one-third of their FG attempts from behind the arc?

Would your response be any different if the ratio were one-half?

Suppose your team struggled and was making only one-in-ten treys … should you discourage or limit their usage of this strategic tactic?

Whether it was by design or just happened, in each of the last two seasons, there were 24 NBA teams who made a higher percentage of three-pointers than the percentage of their overall FG’s that were 3FG’s. (Stat-heads refer to the usage rate as “3PAr,” presumably for “three-point attempt ratio.”)

In simpler terms, 80 percent of the league made their three-balls at a higher rate than they took them.

If we trace this back just one more season to 2015-16, making more treys than they took percentage-wise was true of every single NBA team NOT coached by Mike D’Antoni.

For the first quarter (i.e. 42 playing dates, thru last Tues. 11/27) and 305 games of NBA 2018-19, there are SEVENTEEN teams – including Boston – who have a higher usage rate than success rate for three-point shots.

Eleven of those teams compete in the Eastern Conference – everybody except the Knicks, Bulls, Pacers and LeBron-less Cavs (who’ve been among the “three-free” 20% the last two years).

So, Coach, wanna rethink your answers?