Trevor Ariza-to-Wizards deal falls apart - or was it dismantled?

You just know that the Phoenix Suns were involved in this fiasco. Please don't get on me if I screw this up! Trevor Ariza apparently was supposed to go to the Wizards - Kelly Oubre to the Grizzlies - and Austin Rivers, MarShon Brooks and Wayne Selden to the Suns.

Even Woj got confused on this one, and I can't blame him. To break it all down, the deal never got done due to a question of which Brooks was included in the trade, MarShon or Dillon.

So, was this just a blunder or something more sinister. Suns owner, Robert Sarver, comes immediately to mind. David Aldridge suggests a last-minute move by Phoenix may have been the deal-killer. Was it a mistake from the beginning, or was it a change of heart by the Suns.

Danny Ainge was part of the Suns organization for a total of six years, three as player and three as coach - and boy could they use him now. There is a possibility he may have interest in Ariza or other Suns players, but this is a case of buyer-beware. Sarver just can't seem to get anything right, while Danny is thriving. The Wizards just may have to deal directly with Phoenix. There will be more on this. Stay tuned.

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